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6/17/2007 c1 28Erisah Mae
A highly interesting and well developed social commentary. As I am a rural Australian, I have come across bogans in droves, except here, their mortal enemies are the surfies- goths have been watered down to the status of Emo for the most part, and are seen as brothers/sisters by the bogans, as they basically engender a parallel consumerist culture.

Also, I am surprised that in your dissertation that you did not cover that staple of the boganish culture, the soundoff. The powers of petrol heads should never be underestimated- heck, how else could the idiot politicians get elected every year?

Nice work.

6/16/2007 c1 JaveHarron
Well written essay here. How about we strand emo kids and chavs on a desert island in the manner of "Celebrity Death Island" and give the winner an all-expense paid trip to Pluto?
6/9/2007 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
Intriguing essay - written with a style I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

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