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for The Six Feet Under

4/30/2008 c4 strawberry buttercup
wow! I hope you haven't forgotten this story? I love it and can't wait for more. It's so cute, asnd Daniel's so naive. It'll be intresting to see what else he learns. Please please please finish it?
7/2/2007 c4 Assia Wells
Whee! Wow, the date scene was so cute. I love that Daniel was obviously about gay sex. I can't wait till their next date either! Looking forward to your next chapter :)
6/21/2007 c3 4wickedzl
Can't wait for the next chapter! Esepcially when Dan finds out that Rubeen is a mafia! =D

6/21/2007 c3 25Esquirella
This is really cool so far!
6/21/2007 c3 9Nuvez
I have to say this is by far the most enjoyable story ive read.

i have one question, though: r u a guy writing from a guy's pov?

Either way, this is amusing. =)
6/21/2007 c3 5American Schokolade
Yay, date! It's funny, in this chapter, in the first scene Daniel was griping about how everything was so routine, and then immediately after that he was wishing everything would go back to normal. Fickle?

Anyway, great chapter! I love how Daniel is now talking to his snake (yeah, we've all been there and done that). Keeps it interesting. Anyway, update soon!
6/15/2007 c2 4wickedzl
I enjoyed the snark humor.

Sure, it was a little draggy here and there, but proceed to continue.

6/14/2007 c2 9bahlovkarizma
I like this so far, it seems like a good idea, please continue.
6/14/2007 c2 5American Schokolade
I like it so far. My favorite character is Simon-he's awesome.

Um, let's see, there were a few tense errors, such as, "The goddamn alarm woke me up at quarter to six, when the sun hasn’t even risen and the city is just beginning to wake up." "Woke," is past tense while "hasn't," and "is," are present. But that's just knit-picky.

I guess my main criticism is about the whole pet-shopping part. It seemed to drag on for too long. You could have either shortened the scene, or used it to better characterize Daniel-like, make him have more of a reaction to the different pets, add some humor, whatnot.

Overall, though, I like it. I'm interested in this Rube character. Keep up the good work!

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