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9/9/2007 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
I love your haiku/tanka/whatever so much, you have no idea. You're one of the people I get seriously excited to receive an author alert from. (Not that I read the poems right away, or review them, anyway, but you know.) You always manage to make your poems so original and fresh, and with such startling images that you can't help but be awed. I love "artificial and wholly skeletal, with a mouthful of acids and nerves." Wow! Incredible work. Keep writing! :)
7/29/2007 c1 recycle rhymes
i like those tankas. very powerful and captivating. nice work.
6/25/2007 c1 70continuous brevity
6/24/2007 c1 Her Wishing Well
I love this twist on alice in wonderland. You write brilliantly.
6/17/2007 c1 11darkling thrush
i like the title, first off. you have a unique way of wording things-it's very appealing. and wonderful. the Cheshire boy, i knew instantly what you meant. the poem as a whole made me feel anxious and troubled-sorta. but the last line made me smile. curiouser. :)
6/17/2007 c1 322Basara
wonderous wanderings indeed...

6/16/2007 c1 she smolders
Oh wow, this one's special.

I love the twist to the classic Alice in Wonderland story, especially since it feels like you told the real one. And the second verse just makes me smile in a sort of sad way.

Just awe-inspiring really.
6/14/2007 c1 21i brake for franzy
Love the metaphor, and the way you pulled it off even under syllabic constraints. The last two lines sealed it for me.

I enjoyed this quite a lot, hehe.

6/14/2007 c1 306Ashelin
Oh dear I adore this. The last two lines were so perfect too, just wonderful. I do not really like rules either. They murder inspiratation. ;D

Haha, anyway, this was really good! I loved the images and thoughts you've made. Great job!


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