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7/1/2011 c16 andy.antoinette
I had such a blast reading this. I loved all the side stories as much as the budding romance between Alex and Cady (adorable). Perfect last words in the epilogue.
7/1/2011 c16 andy.antoinette
I had such a blast reading this. I loved all the side stories as much as the budding romance between Alex and Cady (adorable). Perfect last words in the epilogue.
6/25/2011 c16 i-wish-i-had-wings
this was just what i wanted to read, it's like hitting the jackpot, sometimes you're just lucky xD i really loved it, nothing too angsty and depressing but still with some plot. i liked bandy's and cade's relationship, in fact i'm quite envious of it =p thank you very much for sharing, you made my day =D
8/15/2010 c16 2Abrasive
Initially I thought they'd walked in on Grover and Alex making out, but then I read over it and realised that didn't make sense. Wishful thinking...?

Anyhoo, I loved picking out the little pop culture references in your story - particularly the Freaky Stories one. Your writing was clear and clever. Caden was dry, amusing and oh-so-easy to adore, and your other characters were also interesting and varied: there were no cardboard cutouts.

Ordinarily I don't enjoy stories with too many tangents (too many side-stories, I mean). However, I really did enjoy yours. Maybe because the tangents were part of the main thesis of the story (according to the summary, at least). Regardless, there was enough of Caden's wit to keep me entertained even when I couldn't see exactly where the story was going.

Furthermore, the story never felt like it was just pointlessly dragging. Even when I wasn't sure what the outcome would be, there was no doubt that you managed to keep things interesting.

It's probably been forever since you were on this site, but I still like to review. And I thought your story deserved it.
4/5/2010 c16 21Uncle Rupert
good story! loved it.
4/5/2010 c1 Uncle Rupert
your an aussie. ;p

i had a kookaburra at my plece not long ago. anyway it sat itself on top of this foutian thing in the fish pond, its a a man that has been headless for quite some time. i come out and the fountains head had been replaced with a kookaburra. i don't know who laughed more, mr or the bird.

anyhow... review

i liked the start, good beginning, warns us all that he will not be with bandy, always a good thing to know. i loved the bit about the glasses. if only i had a pair...

good chapter!
10/20/2009 c16 abbsi
Hehe. Fun story.

I was thinking the surprise could be both families sitting down together for Christmas dinner, but the moms making out is even more fun. :) lol
10/20/2009 c9 abbsi
Okay, one thing is dreadfully unclear to me still. What did Alex do that destroyed Caden's image of him? Maybe he moved a bit fast, but he was drunk. Yet, as soon as Caden protests, Alex stops. Also, nowhere do we know what's going on in Alex's head. Maybe it's being a different age, or different cultural expectations, but I'm not sure what Alex did that was so, well, bad.
10/31/2008 c16 gumdropspimp
I love it :D I was holding my breathe half the time in anticipation. Thanks for the funny yet satisfying story!
4/17/2008 c16 nomy
WHAT?..what they saw?..oh no..you just make me wanted to know even more!..

anyway love the story..loves the name Caden ..and Alex..hmm..my dream name..yah i know its sound weird..but i love the name in the summary so thats why i read your story and thank god its good and i absolutely loved it! awesome writing!
3/7/2008 c16 4ChibiEii
Yay! They're together! =D Finally xD I actually lost hope for a while, but -happydance- they're together (I'm on repeat-mode, so excuse me xD).

^_^ -favs story-
3/5/2008 c16 Rubadub
Heh, I totally imagined Bandy and Cade's moms making out in the dining room as the ending scene...

No clue why though seeing as they're supposed to totally hate each other and such. I love the way you ended it as though it's a blank for the reader to fill in.

This was a beautifully written story. It was dramatic but in a way that was believable (a story like this is surprisingly difficult to find). I also loved Bandy's silly expression of "Oh my garters."

This goes on my faves :]!

Lovely story,

2/11/2008 c16 ren
wow. you...bitch! ...iloveyou
2/8/2008 c16 Chowdizzle
I liked it, except the cliffhanger ending! But hey, maybe you'll explain that if you do the sequel (which i hope you do).

Congratulations on finishing the story :)
1/21/2008 c16 3nonaccount
Aw, it was nice to read about more sweetness between Cade and Alex. Slightly angsty, but not really. :)


And I would be interested in an epilogue or story off-shoot about James and Stetson. I'd definitely read it if you posted it.
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