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11/11/2015 c1 1somersaultkick
11/5/2015 c1 annayh44
hahaha yeah thick head girl...the story was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
2/11/2015 c1 It's 2019
Aha this is great thanks for sharing this! :D
12/25/2014 c1 5Gentle Dawn
Love this! Very cute and well-written. You had me smiling right through.
9/9/2013 c1 silentvoiceshout
m confused by/wid ur note..I wud like to read The facfic, from which this story is based upon, which u had decided to rewrite into this story into another story however finally rewriting the story ,u wrote in the first place, into this story..freak,m officially crazy!
btw wat's d name of d fanfic...
9/2/2013 c1 2SkyBlue1309
Lol I love the ending line. That's cute.
9/2/2013 c1 1APassionForReadingAndWriting
Aw, that's really cute (and funny about her not realizing that they studied in the same class). Great story! :-)
7/25/2013 c1 12Regina Rein
It's good but I want it more! :D He already set his eyes for her, huh? It's like super sweet! But natalie is... well, natalie. She is so clueless, really, and it kinda gets on my nerves despite it is what makes the story going. I hope they end up together, not only as a friend but as a lover :D yayay!
the chemistry is... not much, and so the feeling I involve in reading it. I hope you can write again, a sequel or whatnot, and make it more fluffy or something :D yay!
3/26/2013 c1 17Minkaos
Very cute and sweet story _ I really enjoyed it.
3/14/2012 c1 159The Last Letter
It's a good idea. I like your characters and your writing but it seemed to just cut off in the middle of the story.

9/17/2011 c1 frouwe
Your author's note confused me to no end. This didn't seem familiar, though, so it's not important.

I loved the last conversation they had. Aliena really is oblivious. Oh, and I liked Natalie a lot too, because I know a (bunch of, unfortunately for me) Natalies.
11/1/2010 c1 Warrior-Princess06
'aww..so sweet and romantic..love it.! :))
6/25/2010 c1 4Paige Cruz

oh how i wish i could form a more coherent review than that; you know, one with actual words. haha.
6/24/2010 c1 breathoflavender
oh my god. this is so sweet. i like how it sort of started nowhere and ended nowhere. not in a bad way though. so sweet. i like it!
5/2/2010 c1 12Lissya
cliche much? but, eh, still loved it...
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