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for Dyen of a New Nazzer

3/6/2009 c2 1wildpink18
Hahaha. I'm in the process. Twins. Sister falls in love with brother's best friend. Sister's best friend likes the guy best friend too. Brother likes sister's best friend. Brother's best friend likes sister.

A complicated love story, I just need a title :D
3/6/2009 c1 wildpink18
Tiff, Sara here :) You've inspired me to write stories :D Go get it published! Your stories rock x)
2/6/2009 c8 rabbitlover
hey erm... how do u pronounce Dyen and Duane? Is Dyen pronounced like Diane or Dee-anne? And Duane , is it pronounced like Dwane? or Doo-anne? Yikes! I'm confused! BTW, love the story,and continue writing Firsts!
4/29/2008 c1 Amber Salgado

since i have read your story and loved it can you do me the itsy bitsy favor of reading my first ever, baby story I Am Brandy Williams

thank you,

3/22/2008 c32 Sushy
can't wait to read it! =O
3/11/2008 c31 shihao
just finished... and i think u shld make a sequel! :D interested in wat happens nxt
3/11/2008 c21 shihao
imaginative as always XP. at chappie 21
3/5/2008 c31 daar
YOU ROCK! that was the most complicated yet sweetest story i have ever read! Never ever stop writing tiff you are a borned writer! i love DNN! I will keep on reading it even if it's completed! again...YOU ROCK!
3/5/2008 c31 happybunnyroxmysox
3/1/2008 c31 Sushy
Aw 5* end! =D

The only thing I'm sad is that it was so short... snif =(

I do hope you make a sequel, only this time they can be older =D

And don't forget Kano and Rachelle!

Oh and...I just noted that the end was a bit rushed, but I hope you'll keep going! =)

I'm very happy to be your reviewer and plz PLEASE send me a message saying the name of your new story, when you start one =D

Kiss Kiss!
1/26/2008 c1 anonymous
creative story and abit hilarious =D
1/16/2008 c30 Sushy
aw so sweet the last part :D

but Dyen's stalker...eww =P sniffing hairs xD God it's hard to believe there're really crazy ppl enough to do that! xD just imagine someplace, somewhere, someone is sniffing strands of ur hair...

I quote: EW...xD

keep them coming! ^^ kiss!
1/16/2008 c30 happybunnyroxmysox
omg! i so wasnt expecting that with Kano! NED IS A CREEP! im not usually violent, but he REALLY needs his ass kicked!
1/3/2008 c29 Sushy
no it looks like the story is ending...dont do this to me and to the rest of ur readers! xD

keep the story going =P

Happy New Year and i wish u happy thoughts full of imagination for ur stories ^^

kiss kiss!
1/3/2008 c28 Sushy
hm i get the feeling ur trying to trick us into thinking that Kano likes Dyen when he really does like Rachelle...it would be a nice twist xD

i'll just read the other chapter and then i'll review more, can't believe i'm two chapters behind everyone =O
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