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for Heroes are Human too

11/19/2008 c1 21Amanda Rhode
Beautiful, though it is sad. We like to think of heroes as those who never fall, but that is often just the opposite. Keep writing.
10/26/2008 c1 4wondertwinspwn
I may never understand the true meanings of poems that authors write, or what message the author was trying to send to me, though I wish I could. It's very ironic because my name means poet. However, I believe this poem was very good. I think I know what you were trying to get across, and i say, "true dat!" keep up the good work, and thanks again for your review for my poem!
6/21/2007 c1 82Honor Bound
i like the concept for this piece, and its pretty good. but, its feels like somethings missing from it. not sure what, just seems incomplete. ikd, maybe im just stupid. good job though, nice to see something new. ttyl, peace

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