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6/20/2007 c4 6Vrotz
There is simply nothing to say, at least nothing bad to say.

I like the characters, though Michael and Kimberly are a bit annoying, but still part of the essensial make-up of the story, so I won't complain.

There was just ONE spelling mistake in chapter 2 or 3, I don't remember.

So far, plot is quite good, and the pace you've set for yourself is good too. So keep it up! Don't rush and let your characters lead the way!

Keep posting because I'll be waiting!
6/20/2007 c1 1Megs15
I read all 4 chapters and I love it. please continue
6/20/2007 c1 6Vrotz

I LOVE your preface. It's the kind that make my heart stop at the last sentence, and make me get into the mind of the narrator and feel everything she feels. It makes time stop, in other words, it makes me feel like I'm there. I can FEEL. Which is something every writter needs to transmit to their readers. Feeling.

Just from the preface, I can tell I'm going to enjoy your story.

It's been a while since I've read a chapter so promising.

Keep writing!
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