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for How She Fell For Him

7/12/2007 c1 9YourShoesDon'tFit
This is good. I liked it a lot. I return reviews for reviews and you favorited me so I just had to check you out. And I liked this! It was too cute! But a few suggestions;

Stop flirting with your girlfriend/ when someone is speaking you put these little quote " " thingies around thier words. So it should be, "Stop flirting with your girlfriend!.(choose your punct.)

They drank from the same cup liked the same things/ You could do two things with this. Either "They drank from the same cup; liked the same things."(I don't recommend this one) or "They drank from the same cup AND liked the same things."

So just a few mishaps. We all have them, sweetheart( I know I do! lol). No need to stress. But overall, this was very well thought and written. Keep 'em coming!

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