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for Phone Calls From A Rock Star

7/3/2007 c11 Sekhra
This is probably the best celebrity-normal person story I've ever read. Jake actually has a LIFE and isn't surgically attached to the protagonist, so thanks so much for that. I think that always ruins stories based on rock stars. And Bella isn't perfect, so I like that about her. Normally I would get really angry at her for the fact that she's so stupid about Lance, but the way you write makes me see things more from her view. Like, when Lance is asking her out, he seems like a nice guy, and the only suspicious thing is that, like her friends say, he's just broken things off with Krysti and he's already on to her. And then we actually get to see her gradually break down and weaken, simultaneously as she distances herself from Jake, who we've seen is supportive and confident. So everything makes sense, and that's really really hard to do. So thanks, once again, just for being amazing. I'm completely going to be watching this.
7/3/2007 c12 BatteredSoul
hope you update ch 13 soon.
7/3/2007 c12 2mia5081
aww, and she ends up with Jake. not permanently, not right now at least. but i mean, that means she trusts him to take care of her. ok, i'm going to stop with the psychology stuff lol and also stop rambling hehe. loved the chapter, and happy 4th to you!

update soon!


and please finish OAH, i'm waiting... =)
7/3/2007 c12 Hannah56
Thank GOD that her and Lance are over. Man, that guy was really ruining her life.

And Im glad she is talking to Jake again. I really do hope that they end up together.

I also hope that she can make up with Annie and Cammy.
7/3/2007 c12 16Caught In A Simple Game
Oh, what a place to end it! The suspense is excruciating! Lol
7/3/2007 c11 5Eternity's Ink
Ugh! Lance is suck a jerk. I hope she opens up to Jake and goes back to her old ways. this is killing me! lol. update soon!
7/3/2007 c11 6givelifeyurall
yup...what happened to that other fun sober girl.
7/3/2007 c11 miss carly
The poor thing has had enough go on as it is; she better not end up pregnant, too! It would be one thing if the kid was Jake's, but there would be no happy ending if she gets prego with Lance's baby.
7/3/2007 c11 6ObliviousLady
Gah,, I was so looking forward to more Jake...

Anyways, good chapter. Update soon!
7/3/2007 c11 2mia5081
i hate Lance. i really do. i almost feel as if he was only interested in Iz because she knew Jake, i mean it was right around the same time period. idk. i don't like him. I love Jake, and he is right, i mean Iz is (hehe Iz is, oh man i'm weird) changing, and definitely not for the better

update soon!

~mia (your crazy friend)
7/3/2007 c11 bookworm925

bad! it shoulda been jake. pft... wa...

bad iz...


what a sad twist.

hehe...just read you story a while ago! wa... twas nice. but i was disappointed with the last chappie. sheesh! i hate lance. hmp.. well, it's your story... huhuhuhuhu...

update soon!
7/3/2007 c11 16Caught In A Simple Game
Oh, the wonders of drama! I love it. Enjoy your Fourth!
7/3/2007 c10 vio923
I'm disappointed. I didn't think that she would sleep with Lance. At this point all that I can see happening between her and Jake is friendship.
7/2/2007 c10 6ObliviousLady
Well, it was a very good filler chapter...

I can't wait for more Jake and I definitely am curious about Lance's reaction to the news that Bella invited Jake over to meet her family.

The sooner you update, the more I'll adore you...
7/2/2007 c10 6givelifeyurall
hmm is this show the start of her alcholic addiction or maybe that she should be with jake instead of lance?
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