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6/25/2007 c4 SuperCUTEJensen
great chapter...I like Jake more than Lance...I think Jake likes Bella..I cant wait to see what happens nexty... hope you update soon
6/24/2007 c4 1Alice Hartwell
Generally speaking, this is the exact opposite of the "normal" kind of story I go for. I'm all about the really lame romance and the characters that just -have- to be together, set in some tiny town with beautiful sunsets and happy bunnies.

Maybe a little less happy bunny and a little more sap-tastic lovin's.

Regardless of "the norm," I'm really loving this story. Like crazy. I feel compelled to read further just for the sake of the characters (I'm a huge fan of character development, by the way), because I genuinely want to know what's going to happen.

That's a great accomplishment on your part, 'cause I'm quite the picky customer, as it were.

Now, all that rambling aside, please do this little lady a favor and update soon. :) For all his dysfunctions and the "nothing more than friendly advice" chats he has with Iz (*cough*), I freakin' love Jake. Lance seems like a nice guy and all... but the irony kills me. I think we all know that he's not into Isabella 100%, now don't we?

Okay, I swear I'm done. Keep up the good work.

6/24/2007 c4 1blondiexoxo
even tho they r friends i dont think she should have told her that it was the jake johnson. but it doesnt matter
6/24/2007 c4 makinghistory
awesome story, totally love it
6/24/2007 c4 16Caught In A Simple Game
Another wonderful chapter. I just can't get off the edge of my seat with your stories!

Have a great birthday!
6/24/2007 c4 3Lady Wrye
Ahh, Jake is so right. Lance is just going to use her to make Krysti jealous...

Meh, poor silly girl...

Great chapter by the way ;)
6/24/2007 c4 mashaskripka
hey...i suck at writing reviews,... so with that said, i guess i just wanna say that this is a really great story idea...i like it :)
6/24/2007 c4 7BookWorm22202
Another sweet chapter. Keep it up!
6/23/2007 c3 4J.D. Nichols
Love it! ^_^ Can't wait for the next update. Oh, and happy birthday! Have fun in Chicago!
6/23/2007 c3 1blondiexoxo
hey i like the story so far i hope u udpate soon
6/23/2007 c3 7BookWorm22202
Oh my god, I love this story! It's really awesome. I hope you have a super fun birthday in Chicago, but don't forget to update!

6/23/2007 c3 3Lady Wrye
Lovely chapter here. She is so overly-obsessed with Lance. He's not even right for her. Obviously Jake is made for her. Haha. Can't wait till next chappie! :)
6/22/2007 c2 KayeJewett
Wow, that was fast. lol Loved this chappie. I like Jake; he's cool. ^_^ And Isabella's really funny. This is fun to read, so update again soon!
6/22/2007 c2 16Caught In A Simple Game
Holy crap! I am, once again, completely captivated! Jake reminds me of a friend of mine who did the underground scene for awhile that I had the hots for - fits his description perfectly! Crazy. And I know what I said before about the realism in stories, but I think you prove your point with this one that unrealistic situations can be just as awesome. Looking forward to another great story!
6/22/2007 c2 4039301
Great first two chapters. It's a really intresting story and I hope that you write more soon.
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