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for Phone Calls From A Rock Star

6/22/2007 c1 RebellioussSoul
I like. Post more. I wonder which one it is?
6/22/2007 c1 4Purity of Light
Haha cute story so far. Didn't quite expect the ending but it's good.
6/22/2007 c1 jadedmidnite
Another awesome story. I really like how you've set things up. I know that the whole rockstar and normal girl thing has been done before, but I still always love it. I can't wait to see where you take this one.

6/22/2007 c1 1Unique Child
Oh. New story. Can't wait to read more. I take it, it was one of the guys from the band yes? I like it!
6/22/2007 c1 KayeJewett
!rofl! That was awesome! I love this story already! You have a knack for throwing comedy into your story without overdoing it. I'm keeping track of this one :) Update soon!
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