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for Paradoxal Balence

7/11/2007 c1 16RuathaWehrling
Very nice! Short, clever, and full of imagery, just as a haiku is supposed to be.
6/24/2007 c1 322Basara
true... one will not be existent if one is absent...

6/22/2007 c1 3avidlydreaming
I'm not sure whether you intended for the poem to show this way in the web page, but it's slightly off-putting to have the first line askewed from the rest of the poem.

I understand that you said Death V Life as though it is a dance competition.
6/22/2007 c1 28Simultaneous Tick-Tocks
I really like this. :D (At first, I didn't see the first line and was like, "What? xD")


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