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8/20/2007 c2 fire-breathing-kitten
Oh, wow, that was great, you are the bomb.

In all seriousness, it WAS great. I really liked this chapter. You have what is looking like quite a well fleshed-out character on your hands. Fleshed-out equals good equals we actually worry about them when you start torturing them and aren't just like "wow, OK, they're in imminent danger...HEY, WHAT'S FOR DINNER AGAIN?". Yea.

The part about the world running underground was cool and sad, BUT, be careful of too much exposition at once...though considering me and my short attention span and the obvious prejudices this causes, you might not want to take my advice on that...
6/22/2007 c1 fire-breathing-kitten
OK, I was so excited to see this here. It made my pathetic day happy.

And uh. Like it. Love the ending, it made me laugh for some reason. Description was wonderful, everything was quite impeccably put, like, I don't know, you actually had the self-discipline to edit it or something, the beginning was appropriately interesting (decapitation=good start). Oh, my favorite part was where he was randomly eating a package of cold turkey, that was really funny. I don't know if it was supposed to be, but I thought it was.

Anyway, now you have to update.

Or I'll eat you.


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