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3/19/2011 c25 4wakeyourdreamz
I really thought...

I don't know. I liked the story, the first bits of it and stuff, but near the end it kinda seemed like it got pointless. Maybe it's just the ending. I don't think that was much of an ending. It's like, the other bits of the story were like top tier, but the end was just, fizzle frazzle nothing. It was just like any other chapter and nothing really very significant happened or changed...or seemed to anyway.

I liked Chris though. He was dirty. But very funny.
3/12/2011 c25 14xxLovelessly Yoursxx
hahaha i love lyn!
3/12/2011 c17 xxLovelessly Yoursxx
hahaha you know, i cant help but be addicted to this story. the chemistry between chis and lyn is awesome. i like this stoy because its real. its not the usual perfection in the heroine like in most stories. and i like how she doesnt immediatel like carol and become friends with 'erin' again. good job :)
3/12/2011 c9 1illest
"Oh my god, my dick just snapped in half!"

ohh my gosh. that is amazing. i love it. its one of the reasons i favorited this story. legit. wonderful story, either way.
3/12/2011 c2 14xxLovelessly Yoursxx
haha. I love this story. Its fqun, kind of weird, and yet normal.lol
2/27/2011 c25 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
Really enjoyed this story! You have a very professionally legit way of writing- like your style could be out of a novel from the shelves. I also really loved how well you developed Lillian and Christopher's relationship; slow but progressive. Honestly, a great story!
2/26/2011 c25 1atomic-pocket-watch
hm... I'm not sure if you know this but you're kind of an evil genius. You should seriously consider taking over the universe. Ok. I'm not entirely sure why I said that but meh. I actually love this story. Everything. And I REALLY like the way that they sort of just know that they're together without having to have those awkward uncomfortable talks about where the two main characters stand in they're relationships like in most stories because those situations sort of make me squirm in my seat and turn my face away from the computer so i can compose myself and not scream in awkward annoyance at the embarrassing situation that i've unknowingly submitted myself to. So thank you. And thank you for making this different. You know not the typical new boy goes to girl's school, she falls madly in love with him, he doesn't know it, she tells him and then he realises he loves her too and they have ridiculously beautiful children. You know, that bullshit. Lyn's a pretty cool chick. :D so congrats on you're beautifully refreshing story. It was pretty fucking epic. :D
1/18/2011 c25 Angelxoxo13
Hy me again. After I read the other reviewers I found out that I'm the only person that put bad review of the story. I guess U cn takes this bad review as a...way to improve your story in the future. You cnt takes a good side out of everythng. There are bad comments that cn b made to improve your skills in the future. No. Pun. Intended. I'm just being honest ;) Dnt feel bad bout my last review at least I wrote it to you, some stories I just leave it w/o saying anythng. That way their stories wont improve. Ciao.
1/18/2011 c25 Angelxoxo13
This is the first real wacko stage 1 out of 10 stories that I read! I still dnt understand the real purpose of this story! I have this urge to throw rotten eggs at the author! Sigh WHY oh WHY I even read it until finish! Usually story like this type I'd already abandoned it in chapter 1 or 2. I guess it's just...you didnt write it like childishly, plus...sigh! Why I read this until finish is beyond me...
1/18/2011 c23 Angelxoxo13
So? Topher & Lyn are bf/gf? How come?
12/28/2010 c16 Mindonvacapronouncedvay-kay
You're stories are like a derailing train crashing and burning off a cliff-a wreck I can't seem to tear my eyes from. (This is a compliment btw.) It's the quirkiness of the girl that keeps my attention I think. Just wish you'd fill up the plot-holes so that I can turn the scenes and characters around in my head without having WTF moments. It's a good read though when you're in the mood for entertaining mindless babble.
12/9/2010 c25 D-Mish
This story was actually great. Words cannot express the extremity of how fun it was to read this story. I love your writing style as well. You didn't try making things romantic, seemed realistic. Loved your characters as well. Great job :)
12/5/2010 c25 1Believe-Your-Imagination
i love your story! I spent all day reading cuz i just had to finish this funny story
11/28/2010 c2 4subtly.obvious
this is funny. like actual laughing-out-loud funny.

and i love the anthrophobe idea.

what is key lime pie?
11/3/2010 c25 LovestoLaugh
I absolutely loved your story. It's so...real. And not to mention, it's one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. The things that Christopher says makes me laugh out loud for a good few minutes. And I love that Lillian is awkward with kissing and all of the other stuff because she is inexperienced. It really annoys me in stories when girls get their first kiss and they automatically know how to kiss back and everything perfectly. Oh, and I can't forget Lillian's letters to her imagination, all of the crazy things she says to Ms. Cybil, and all of her little antics. You really know how to write an amazing story! (:

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