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8/21/2007 c4 T.H.E. Hero
Are you that sad?

Has lfe treated you with such horror?

Or is it just a feeling you get sometimes?

I will never know.

Arigoto and Good Luck.
6/23/2007 c4 Funtime2006-2008
I've been reading your poetry for quite a while now. Feels so deep it hurts even trying to understand them. I'm not even sure you want to understand all of them.

They are all very good, deep and emotional. Hard to understand at times, but feelings is complex and is understood differently for every person.

I love your poems, at least most of them. It's hard to love the ones I can't connect to in anyway, but those I can. They're just amazing. Even those I don't understand is good, I just don't understand them.

I've been thinking of reviewing for along time. I'm just so bad at it. But then I thought. I would love for someone that read my poems to review. I only have three online, but still.

This work is one of your finest. In Solitude.

Dear, But Never Close.

Is my favorite. I like how you have done the design in a drop, real patience there.

Well. Have a good day.


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