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for How to Survive A Real life Horror Movie

1/30/2009 c3 1Spidey3000
LMAO! #51 made me laugh! Something tells me #9 is going to apply twice as much to the sequels, since the main character from the last movie ALWAYS compulsively goes back, and sometimes is subsequently killed. Also, you may want to include background checks on your parents and such; make sure they didn't piss off some serial killer or something that's going to be hunting you. Update soon!
8/26/2008 c3 Banana-nut-muffin245
Very Original and clever! I confess I'm not one for horror movies but I now feel well equipped to deal with any horror-movie-situations.


And I do believe a sequal would be a very clever idea :)


8/18/2008 c3 9abbyswrittenworld
This is so funny! I love it!
8/17/2008 c1 3Airizeale
This guide is my new bible. I absolutly love the sacasim directed towards the idiotic poeple in horror films. If you can make more guides along these lines, it adorable and has kept me laughing for the last 10 minutes! lol
9/29/2007 c3 28Ivy Shoelaces
Hoo-rah! This is one of the most clever things I've read in a long time. I think a sequel is a good idea, because, with anything horror related, a sequel is bound to happen sooner or 20-30 years later.
8/25/2007 c3 3Gothic-Fire-Wolf
This was awesome! I really do hope you make a sequel to this! Keep up the good work!
8/21/2007 c1 Sarah Allie
HAHAHHAHA this is hilarious! Keep iit up hun!;)
8/21/2007 c1 3susaga
after watching scary movie 3, remember not to watch pootytang
8/20/2007 c3 10Paper.stars141
Yay! Another good chapter! Well, if you can't figure out any ideas for How To Survive a Real Life Horror Movie The Sequel you can do other stuffs..like how to survive a date...um yeah lol just a friendly suggestions great job with the story! =D
8/20/2007 c3 5goalieman7707
Yay. I was wondering when you were going to update this again. Yet another great chapter to this very handy book (rule 9 rules!)
7/30/2007 c2 6Moonlightsonnetgrrl
As brillaint and funny as your last chapter. And is this your last chapter to this, this... ah, story? (does this count as a story?) Oh! And I don't know if you've ever looked at my story but, just so you know about it, I'm not going to write any more of it until i get four more reviews. So if you like my story but haven't commented on it to help me continue my story, then you may want to. (Also, if you have any ideas for my story, please tell me! Becuase i'd love to know what other people would like to happen.)
7/8/2007 c2 28Ivy Shoelaces
I loved your #17 rule, cuz it is so true! I was running from a coyote last winter (no lie! I live in a wooded area), and I fell twice and cut myself up good! Snow and ice and forests are not good to run in.
7/8/2007 c1 3Endsville
Very nice and funny. Strange how I happened to come across this though. I'm working on a zombie survival guide.

Just a suggestion rule for no. 36: When being chased women should always turn around and kick the bad guy between the legs. They hate that.
7/5/2007 c2 1x0eternity0x
I found this very entertaining.

It's funny but it's all true.

The only thing I would add is to check your back seat before you hop into the car so anxiously...

And don't hesitate to run the bad guy over.

That's it.

Good Job!
7/5/2007 c2 2C.Sabbadin
33. Virgins- wait till after the psychopath has been caught

You have been waiting for years, and now you have faced death and you know your boyfriend loves you so why wait any longer?

Well…loosing your virginity while the baddie is still out there is effectively signing your death-certificate- especially if your boyfriend is really the killer.

That was funny but you mean 'losing." 'Lose' is one o and 'loose' (antonym of tight) has two.
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