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for Socks Are Friends, Not Food

7/30/2007 c13 32Serason
Firstly, I'd like to say that Hula Hoops are actually quite intelligent. I mean, they're no pencil sharpener, but they'd do okay on a Game Show.

Secondly, Miss Main Character is probably my favorite completely random, hilarious to read about, semi-delusional, speaks to adamently-challenged objects character from any book (fiction or non-fiction) I can remember reading about in this lifetime or a past one.

I am honestly, and pleasently shocked, awed and stunned at how she came to life for me. I could see myself talking to this person, laughing with (and at) this person, all while thinking in the back of my mind that she could benefit from a talk with a shrink. Although if she did she might lose that which makes her so endearing.

I havn't, in a while at least, read a story as clear in its purpose while at the same time confusing and complex. You kidnapped my attention and held it hostage while letting it eat junk food and watch TV.

In One Month, which is how long it took to finish Socks are Friends not Food I was entertained with the exploits of characters and incidents, and jargon that I hope will never leave me. If when I'm old and senile I can still remember that Tara was really colorful goo, and that Milo is the male best friend I've always wanted, and that Miss Main Character is the person I've always wanted to be, then I can die happy in my publicly funded Retirement Home.

I cannot begin to express in either words or symbols how happy reading your story has made me. I could try but what would be the point?

All I wanted to say, all I really wanted to say is that I can only hope (and work really really hard) to one day write something as inpiring, and funny, and haunting (but in a I-can-wait-to-read-this-again kind of way) as you. And I wanted you to know that you are a fanastic and wonderful writer and that I look up to you.

Because I think you deserve to know that truth.

Thank you.

7/30/2007 c12 Serason
She's so cute! And three cheers for Melanie. How great would it be to have a roomate who's so incrediably cool? So now Miss Main Character and Milo (Hearts and bubbles all around) are heading to the park for an "astronomy lab" is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Tehe. You're a bad influence.

7/30/2007 c11 Serason
If there was a sports team called "The Milos" I'd have season tickets, box seats and one of those annoyingly addictive foam hands. That's how much I like him.

He mumbled, how cute! She's thinking about him, how cute! He's calling her? HOW CUTE!
7/25/2007 c10 Serason
Three chapters, and so quickly! If only I had your updating skills. I love how your titles are the most adorable and wonderfully random phrases from the chapter. Its so cute! Chapter titles are one of my many weak points. You've left me and quite a cliffhanger haven't you Miss Louise?

Thoughts that crossed my mind thsi chapter: Yay for Milo. Chickerburger? Freaky! Boo for mentioning Tara. (I seriously forgot about her, and/or was convinced she died in the most satisfying way possible.) Yay for the return of the pencils. Yay for doodling. Boo for professors that you can't understand. (I believe we've all had a Mr. White experiance at least once in our lives.) Yay for her sharing a class with Milo. (I hope by now you've realized that I need Milo at least mentioned once in each chapter or... bad things will happen. Inimate objects get hurt/broken and their screams are the stuff of nightmares but I don't have to tell you that.

I think that's all for this round. I humbly await the next dose of wonderfully random goodness that is the life of Miss Main Character. I hope that I either never find out her name, or find out in one of the last lines. I enjoy calling her Miss Main Character. And I feel that a name would tarish the connection that the two of us share. Three if we include Milo... Which I do. All the time.

Until you decide to grace me with entertainment again,

7/25/2007 c9 Serason
Ah-HA! The title phrase. I knew it would show up eventually. And, MILO! How I missed him. And Kevin, you gotta love half-naked male roomates. Don't you? I know I do. I hope something crazy romantic happens at breakfast, but that would be too easy, and you know what would happen if life was too easy...

7/25/2007 c8 Serason
Aw, she found a friend/roomie just as crazy/funny/random as she is. Good for Miss Main Character. I'm happy for you. And dissapoint at this chapter LACK OF MILO. Ahem, ahem.

7/20/2007 c7 Serason
Oh cursed Monopoly! It does never end. Ever! I wish I hard a awesome and hilarious Dad like hers. And did I mention how badly I want my own Milo? Yes. Well I want one. Really badly.
7/20/2007 c6 Serason
Yes, thank the socks. The socks saved her life! And how cute is Milo in this chapter? Really darn cute! I want a Milo of my own!
7/20/2007 c5 Serason
What? S-stepped in front of Tara? Is she nuts? Probably... but still, I'd let the goo die. I'd feel bad of course, I'd go to her funeral and all that, but... Wait. My conscience has come back. Yeah... I'd step in front of it too. Man...
7/16/2007 c4 Serason
Aw, Miss Main character's family is adorable. Its even more complete with Milo there. Man, this got me jonesing for my own family.
7/16/2007 c3 Serason
Milo! He's back. -sniffle- Oh Milo, I missed you so.
7/16/2007 c2 Serason
I'd like to start by saying. They killed foot bridge? Wait, that was more a inraged question than a saying. I apologize. Poor Jimmy, I have that same problem at work. Although the reason I'm called Oke instead of Hope is because four year olds can't pronounce it.

However, I feel your pain!
7/16/2007 c1 Serason
A sequel? Oh my how did I get so lucky? I'm so happy that one of my favorite stories is being continued.

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