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for On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All

2/16/2008 c1 wookborm
Oh, my goodness! Where ARE you! You MUST update!

... Please?
2/11/2008 c8 7sketchingaCYNiC
i just love this story to death.

it's pretty pathetic. the same type of situation is happening to me (the guy i like is younger and well, i'm a senior and he doesnt think we should date because i'm graduating in june). but! what cheers me up is that in your story, we already know that the two get together :) i hope you keep writing even though it looks like you haven't updated in a while.
1/13/2008 c4 1shalei
UP Lagoon? As in the Sunken Garden? XD I can't believe I'm reading a story that mentions UP Diliman.

Anyway, this story is a breathe of fresh air. Please update! :D
12/28/2007 c3 sketchingacynic
i love this story. it's amazing. i found it on the livejournal community, fp_review, and believe me... that recommendation was well deserved. it's so... i don't even know how to describe my intense love for this. the way you write it, the way the characters talk, the story, EVERYTHING is just too good for words. i can't believe how amazing this story is. just when i thought all romance was trite and cliche, something like this swings around and smacks me in the face. i hope you continue writing!
12/19/2007 c8 8rinfais
This story needs more love, seriously. This is the first older-girl-younger-guy romance I've come across on FP, and I'm so happy that this first is utterly well-written and appropriately paced. The characters, particularly Miguel and Ivy, are believable, as is their interaction. I love the dialogue, too.

Kind of says a lot that I'm reading this and not studying. Hm. I'm verily anticipating your next chapter. |D
12/16/2007 c8 justanotherdeadaccount
This story is just so amazing. Every new chapter makes me fall in love with it all over again.

I love how Migs is trying to make her fall in love with him in stages. It's just so adorable and kiddish yet very much like someone who has a scientific mind.

I have a feeling Yna likes Allan, but I'm not too sure.

I wonder why their family will affect them so negatively? I can imagine his mum being against it considering he's so young, but wouldn't he already be expecting that?

Can't wait to find out!
12/7/2007 c8 20Twilight Starr
Great addition. You tell the story well. I'm looking forward to more. Have a lovely day. :)

~Twilight Starr~
12/3/2007 c8 Blueberry Sparkle
Aww, I loved it! And I disagree with you on one thing, the UP campus is HUGE. But the Lagoon's pretty though. Even if it is in the middle of nowhere.
12/1/2007 c8 3hopeless-flame

this story is pure romance. i heart heart heart HEART it to death! please write more. i love miguel. and ivy is so crazy that i can't help but like her. =]

they are so cute. i'm just getting anxious at to how and why it took so long until they were together! =(
11/29/2007 c8 pete's sake delete the account
wow, I really like this story. your characters are so real, the writing is great, and I love the setting. it's all so different from what I'm familiar with; it's wonderful.
11/22/2007 c1 2RenRen
I have to admit that I saw this story on fp review I expected a decent lark of a story. But instead I was impressed at how you made things that are odd on the surface make perfect sense in your story. You have made these two characters quite real. I love that Ivy's syndrome is just a part of her and not what defines her.

I do worry a little bit about the characters being TOO perfect. So far you've been able to balance them out pretty well, but be wary of that in future chapters.

All in all I quite look forward to seeing what you have in store for your readers. Especially seeing how you get through the legal implications of your characters being together.
10/7/2007 c7 20Twilight Starr
Wonderful chapter. It gives a lot of insight into Miguel. He was posessive of Ivy, which is understandable since he was thirteen and he was in love with her.

Their relationship is so cute. ^^

Good luck with writing, this story, and life.

Have a terrific day. :)

~Twilight Starr~
10/4/2007 c7 justanotherdeadaccount
aww. The sweetness of their relationship is so amazing. I can't believe Allan tried to hit on girl who looks like a twelve year old!

Nonetheless this chapter sort of shows that in someways Ivy is actually smarter than Migs about certain things. This especially comes through when she says “Fine, if that’s what works for you. Still, you’re an intelligent person, and there’ll be some difficult questions you’ll need to answer. Just remember, it’s perfectly okay to change your mind about stuff.”

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
9/30/2007 c7 Cecilie
I'm really enjoying this. I thought you might want to know that you were recommended at the livejournal community fp_review, too.

Can't wait to see what the next question will be! Hope you'll update soon.
9/28/2007 c7 7cloverluck11
i love this story! :D
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