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for On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All

9/28/2007 c5 pete's sake delete the account
Hey, I like this a lot! It's great!
9/27/2007 c6 Maybe Estella
I love, love, love this so far. I will admit I was a bit weirded out by the age difference at first, but it works...

Now I'm going to go whore out your story to my friends. Keep Writing!
9/26/2007 c6 ctolhouse
This story is so intriguing and beautiful; I'd really like to see more from Miguel's perspective - and more, in general, obviously.
9/22/2007 c6 justanotherdeadaccount
This is just so amazing. One of the best, sweetest most innocent romance stories of FP. I don't usually say this...but I hope you update soon! I can't get enough of Ivy or Miguel.
7/13/2007 c6 20Twilight Starr
Please update soon.
7/3/2007 c3 Twilight Starr
I like this story. It is so interesting. I hope you write more. :) Good luck.
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