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for On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All

5/25/2012 c1 shweta kadam
this is a absolutely fantistically brilliant story! I love it and i love ivy and miguel,but i wanted to ask you if ivy ever grows up(in size) or she remains same?
4/30/2012 c18 youatemyheart
This is beautiful. Thank you for putting this in FP! And please do update soon. :)

And all your description on UP makes me want to visit the university. Haha.
3/20/2012 c1 choc me
Hello! :) I was just listening to "what's left of me" after a really long time...and when the chorus came on my heart did a lil thump like it used to do when I would read your story while listening to the song :) So yep, just had to take a break from my work to tell you that... :) your story is really very, very special and very much loved..
2/16/2012 c18 3Spacy-Book-Nerd
I have fallen in love with Ivy and Migs, they are both such amazing characters. I don't usually begin reading stories that aren't complete but I couldn't help myself after reading the summary, it was just to intriguing for me to pass up. After I started reading It was very difficult to stop, although I was slightly confused with how that story began, what with it being an interview, after reading the first chapter and caught onto the program I was completely smitten. I still cannot believe how flawless your transitions between the past and the present are and between characters for that matter. During one chapter where you wrote from both Ivy and Migs perspectives I was halfway through Migs' part before I even realize you had switched and it completely blew my mind, I didn't even notice. Even if I have to wait forever for an update I feel as though it is worth it for this story because the results are so amazing and refreshing, I have not read a story like this before on FictionPress.
2/5/2012 c18 13youngin-matomon
I would very much like to give a review at the end of each of your chapters, just so you have more and more reviews (because we all know that us FP authors get a little dizzy at the thought of 'more' reviews) but I wouldn't be able to do that without sputtering utter nonsense and gushing about you and your story and your writing so much that your head grows to the size of a tree and I start bowing down to you in a despicable show of paganism.

Oh dear. That totally came out wrong.

What I meant was: you are a genius with your pen. Seriously. There are very few writers in this world who can claim the great command of expression that you have. You know, this is why I love FictionPress sometimes. There are so many published authors who just don't deserve to be published. They just are because their books and plots are 'in with the trend'. (Pssst, I'm talking about the likes of Stephenie Meyer and Richelle Mead) Of course, if you're a fan of them, I'm sorry. But in my mind, they are the mediocre ones and you and a couple of other authors are just THE BEST.

Now, I came here from A Drop of Romeo. I'm gonna be starting out as a judge soon (Omeegosh I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT) and I saw the review Juliet did for your story. My initial reaction was undoubtedly normal: ew. A thirteen year old and a twenty year old? GROSS. Let's face it, a relationship like that in the real world would undoubtedly be crushed into little smithereens by the cynicism and basic black and white outlook of our wondrous world. And for good reason too.

So you can get that my initial reaction was to be utterly freaked out. But then, I thought to myself that if Juliet liked it, there must be some appeal to it, right? So I decided to follow that instinct and read your story.

Boy, was I glad I did.

Firstly, the interviewing idea was utter genius. It's been used only a couple of times in this entire world and its short span of history (I think Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire would be the first, right? Hmmm. I don't remember well) and certainly not in a context like this.

Secondly, your characters are so real and vivid that I'm kind of afraid that what you're writing might not be fiction after all. That this is actually about real people. I love how you showed their world and their positions in life so utterly crystal-clear, and the different reactions of all your side characters. I must admit, I'm a character-obsessed (bad word). My stories have numerous characters and all of them have some small importance. Sometimes I worry that there are too many characters. But stories with too little characters are just not stories.

So I always revel when I come across a writer who includes such realistic MCs AND such realistic side characters as well.

Thirdly, you have done your research SO WELL. I congratulate you, honestly. After I read this, I went down and took one of my stories down because I honestly felt ashamed that I didn't put much thought into the research part of it (don't worry, I'm going to put it back up! After an extensive bit of rewriting). Maybe you live in the Philippines and that's how you know so much, maybe not, but all that effort into architecture of the surroundings and the placement and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I feel like using huge words SO MUCH.

It all tied the whole thing into a nicely wrapped present for me. If this was presented to me on Christmas or Eid, I would probably scream in blatant joy.

The only thing I found a little distracting was sometimes, your tense slipped. Not so much as is noticeable, but so much that it was a little off-putting at times.

And your authors notes are like HUGE. But hey, maybe you're one of those essay-writing authors. Everybody needs to enjoy their quirks.

You need to promise that you will enjoy your quirks and WRITE PURE AWESOMENESS, hand in hand.


2/4/2012 c18 choc me
hello! When I saw that you had a new chapter up I was happy n guilty at the same time...I remembered I was supposed to write a more detailed review for the previous chapter!I'm sorry I haven't been doing great lately, ever since my last review...one of those "when life throws lemons at you" times...

Reading this chapter helped take my mind off things even for a little while, so thx for that :) (there's a very subtle hint in here :P )

As usual I don't have any actual criticism...just amazed each time at the characters you've created, how real they feel, and how raw and so, so real their emotions and reactions are...and that's an incredible skill, I don't know if it comes from a lot of practice and reflection, or if it comes naturally to you, but since I do read a lot, I can say quite confidently that very few writers can do that..even a lot of published writers fail to bring their characters to life the way you do...I do hope that once this story is done you'll consider writing other stories..I'm definitely a fan!

About this actual chapter - Ivy finally, finally (!) admitted to herself that she's in love :) And that's a huge step for someone as stubborn! I'm so glad that for the time being she's decided to ignore all those people telling her that she's crazy and that being with Miguel is wrong(I do hate when people butt in like that...) but I have a feeling it won't last and at some point she'll try to distance herself from Miguel :( and that makes me sad even though I know that it actually worked out for them! Weird!

Reading about julio makes me sick...so I'll just move on.. It makes me sad that Ivy feels like she's got to keep it from Miguel..when something affects you that much, keeping it from the one person who can actually make it all better is terribly painful..but it is also true that you just feel like you have to keep all the ugliness in your life from that one special person..I think that Ivy's beauty goes beyond the physical aspect, she's incredibly strong and despite all the crap she's had to put up with, she's still a good and amazing person at heart..

Miguel is...wow..I don't know how to do him justice..he's not 'perfect' the way male leads are usually in romance stories, in that gorgeous, ultra cool, suave kind of way that's so fake and over-the-top. I think that apart from being really cute and endearing, he's a good and true person..His love and affection for Ivy go way beyond the fact that she's beautiful...It touches me in a way that very few fictional characters ever did..

Which brings me to the fact that although I'm really glad your review count is slowly going up, I still think it's so far from enough! Your story is still one of the best I've read in a long time...(sigh)

Oh I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I really like your summary - especially the "a story of two people who somehow made it work" - it's so short and yet says so much.

Whether you update soon (which would be amazing) or not so soon, just know that I'm still very much hooked to this story..in short, I've fallen in love with Ivy and Miguel's story..
2/1/2012 c18 2MuffinsRoxSox
That's probably the saddest ending to a chapter I've ever read. Well, probably not the saddest, but very depressing.

So how old are Ivy and Miguel? When they're being interviewed, I mean.

I really hope Ivy goes through with the treatment.

Miguel is such a cutie. He's so awkward and innocent, it's refreshing. I always read about all these guys that are so suave and player-ish, it's nice to read something different.
1/28/2012 c1 3fellintothemoon
Hello :) This is Melissa from the site A Drop of Romeo. I'm pleased to tell you that your story has been added to our archive. Congrats! Here's your review:

ssa Thinks: What really drew me into this story was the fact that - for once - the woman is older than the man (sort of). Ivy is a twenty year old college student who has not physically aged since she was twelve. Miguel, or “Migs”, is a thirteen year old certified genius who skipped high school and went straight on to college, where he then met Ivy in a “love at first sight” sort of way. After Ivy and Miguel become neighbors, problems start to emerge with the media, their families, and their glaring age gap. The set-up of the story is brilliant. It’s told in a series of interview questions, with each chapter being a different question answered by both Migs and Ivy. This structure in the story allows the characters true voices to be heard and it makes you feel as if the story is real. Even though this plot line shouldn’t work and the ages of the characters should put me off, I’m still left wanting more because the author keeps me hooked. It’s cute, funny, and romantic so don’t let the odd summary scare you away.
1/19/2012 c18 Canaletto
Take heart? As I’ve said before, your writing is so good I never even notice how long your chapters are until I’ve finished them, then glance down at my wristwatch and realize I’m going to have to run to catch the bus (true story).

As usual, you make it very hard to write a review with anything of critical substance, as I always want to do nothing more than send you five pages of literary fluff in the form of increasingly lavish compliments. As that won’t work, allow me to reiterate how much I am enjoying your story, and that reading your writing is always one of the greatest pleasures of my day when a new chapter appears in my inbox. If there was anything that I didn’t like about this chapter, it would have to be the brief texting conversation near the beginning. Though I understand exactly what it’s for, my inner schoolboy who was scolded for misspelling “definitely” cannot help but screech in outrage whenever he sees text speech on a page. But that’s just a matter of personal taste. So, let me repeat myself once more by saying that this is a brilliant piece of work, and that I will be awaiting the next installment with bated breath.

1/18/2012 c18 Alanisaur
i just love Ivy and Miguel so much :D They make me so happy. Haha, I cant wait for their date. (: Hopefully, they'll get to more kissing and such ? ;)Im dissapointed that they're not going to be alone though. They need their privacy!

Okay then

Thanks for updating

Patiently waiting for the next chapter!
1/18/2012 c1 1atomic-pocket-watch
I'm intrigued :) onwards! :D
1/17/2012 c18 372898
Ok so I was almost disappointed at the lacks of Migs in this chapter, but then I read the end so that feeling is of disappointment is definitely gone! :D Can't wait for the next question...
1/4/2012 c17 Cloudy Glass
Wow. In love with this story! Seriously, you've got me hooked and I'm worried what will happen if you don't finish it. The growth of the characters from the first chapter to this one has been great, too! Ivy and Miguel both seem fuller and more real than they did initially. I really appreciate this work and it's sparked some thoughts about what it means to be mature, how age gaps do/don't matter, etc. So, not only are you providing me with a marvelous story to read but you're also giving me a lot to contemplate! *smile* I also feel a lot smarter after reading this. *Laughs* Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us. I can't wait for the next update. Please let it be soon! Again, thank you for sharing! I'm off now to look at your other work!
10/13/2011 c16 The Russian
I absolutely adored this chapter!

I'm sorry if I can't help you with improving your story but I'm just so engrossed in the story that I don't notice any thing else. Beautifully written.
10/11/2011 c17 3Delilah Lillith
Awww :( I'm really sad you changed the title, I was quite taken to the other one. I thought it fit very nicely.
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