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for On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All

10/10/2011 c17 Alanisaur
When i saw this. I was just so happy! & then it was just a note. Ill be checking website. (: Please hurry with the new chapter though.
9/25/2011 c15 The Russian
hey! you liked the song =D

i love this story

please keep writing it =)
9/20/2011 c16 8There's-A-Star-In-My-Hand
ohmygoshhh this chapter was looong! but that is a good thing...a very good thing!

you don't know how much i love this! and miguel is the most adorable guy ever ;)

update soon x x x x
9/18/2011 c16 Alanisaur
I missed this soo much! T.T Im so happy you updated. I hope you update on a regular basis! Miguel and Ivy, how will their story play out? Lol. One of my yop favorited stories. (:
9/13/2011 c16 choc me
hey ya! Just a very short note to tell u i'm really really glad u updated! And it seems to be a very long chapter too...i skimmed through it but i need to re-read it again...i've been ill for a couple of days, which is why i havent been able to read it properly...my mind is still fuzzy from all the meds and stuff...So i'm really looking fwd to this :) and I'll write a proper review then..
9/12/2011 c16 SpotRules
My GOd I miss this story. GReat chapter. Can't wait for the next one. Keep 'em long!
9/10/2011 c16 Canaletto
This should be labeled as NSFW. I got told off for laughing out loud while reading this chapter. You can be much too witty. Do keep it up.

Anyway, even if you take six months to produce a chapter, the effort shines through. I don’t even notice the length of your chapters when I’m reading them; the content always keeps me engaged throughout, and the same thing happened here.

Like I’ve said, this chapter is very funny when it wants to be, and your humor works smashingly. Reading through the chapter a second time, I see your serious moments should be jarring with all of the much lighter material surrounding them. Should be, put you manage the transitions between seriousness and comedy so well that you get away with it.

For me, the defining moment of this chapter is its ending scene. Dreadful cliffhanger right here, with the first outright barrier put up between Miguel and Ivy. Of course there’s been all the emotional seesawing of the first fifteen chapters, but now there is a real wedge shoved in between them, even if Ivy isn’t aware of it yet. I’m most interested to see how this ties in with all the foreshadowing you’ve made to the pair’s other relationship troubles, and will anxiously await to see just how your characters handle these developments. It seems to be constant battle of “one step forward, two steps back” with this couple.

If I have to say anything negative about this chapter, the only item I can come up with is that I would have preferred another chapter from Ivy’s point of view. With the last chapter being from Miguel’s perspective, I would very much have liked to see Ivy’s thoughts on the day. Let me assure you it’s a very minor complaint however, as the chapter is still brilliant as it is, and I fully expect the next Ivy chapter will touch upon her reaction to the events of the shoot in any case.

Again, let me repeat that this is a wonderful story, and that this chapter was well worth the wait, agonizing as it was (the wait, not the chapter). Once more, I find myself ending a review with the feeling I have said nothing of constructive worth, but I am afraid all I can do is heap praise upon your writing, because it really is excellent.

9/10/2011 c8 Here In My Mind
I really love this story! It's so interesting and unique. I found it on the SKOW website under best chemistry and at the time I was searching for a story I could read that would keep my interest and wouldn't be some completely cliché' bunch of regurgitated word doo doo and what do you know after going through all the other stories I finally found it. And at the best time too.

Gosh it's really depressing to spend hours scoring through fictionpress for interesting stories only to be disappointed time and time again at some of the inferior selections (gosh I'm so snooty) they have on here, but your story came at just the right time for me because I was seriously gonna be like “F it I’m never reading another story on this site again!” You really deserve more reviews for this.

The formatting of this story is the only thing I had trouble with at first. With the whole interview thing I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough details to engage the reader into actually getting into the story but I guess it kinda smoothly transitions into a well informed flashback/interview/storytelling thing and well whatever it’s called it’s working so far.

Well, enough of my ranting back to reading for me.

Oh and I also like how we get the POV from Miguel and Ivy but you don’t waste time going over the same scene and details incessantly and take into account that the readers don’t want to read the same thing over and over again twice in a row like repetitively through a whole story that’s like 30 freaking chapters long (like some other people do…gosh morons…sorry that was a rant).
9/8/2011 c15 There's-A-Star-In-My-Hand
that was possibly the crulest cliffhanger ever! ! ! !

i absolutley adore Migs!

this story isamazing

please update soon!

x x x x x x x x x
9/7/2011 c16 372898
Yay!, hopefully it won't take you another six months to finish the next chapter... I wonder what happens next...
7/25/2011 c15 72898
please please update, this story is amazing! i can't wait to see what happens next.
7/16/2011 c15 A reviewer
I can't BELIEVE this story doesn't have more reviews. You are a brilliant writer with a very bright future-I can tell. However, I am also angry at you, because I went to push the "Next" button, and there wasn't another chapter! I need to know yesterday what happens with this story. But take your time-I've seen the wonderful work you put out there, even if it takes forever!
5/22/2011 c15 Canaletto
I just found this this morning. Then read the whole thing in one sitting. Going by the premise, this story shouldn’t work, but your characterizations are just so damn good, that it does. I honestly have nothing but praise for this story. It makes for a very welcome change from the more standard romance stories that run rampant across the site, and having just finished this, I’m amazed at the cohesiveness of your plot given the long time you’ve been working on this. Your hard work clearly shows, and it’s obvious that you’ve been continuously tightening the script as time has passed. That you still consider this the first draft makes it obvious the high standard you write to. I feel somewhat sheepish that I can’t give any constructive criticism on your piece, but honestly, this is a brilliant body of work, and can’t think of anything that might make it better.

4/30/2011 c15 Alanisaur
4/23/2011 c15 2JoeyAnna
Okay, I'm gonna go with the truth here and say I thought this story was going to be pretty weird with the difference of age and him only being 13, but the way you set it up made it non-creepy if that makes sense? Anyway, I really liked it. I can't wait for the next chapters to appear.

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