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1/8/2008 c8 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Well, good ending for this story here. I particularly like Lugger's part here. I really find his speech super funny lol! XD Anyway, never expected Tooloo to be a dragon. And yeah, the edning seems to indicate a sequel although I don't know if you'll do that. Will you btw? If you really planned to do a sequel on it, I'll be interested to see where this will go... ;)
1/6/2008 c7 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Ok, not much of a humor here... but anyway, good chapter here. I really like the way Elvan got bluffed. It really throws everything into a lot of possibilities. Anyway, the whole Tooloo issue was rather surprising to me. Never expect that to happen. Wonder what will happen next...
1/4/2008 c6 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
LOL the dialogue is so funny. The part with Lugger is a real super hilarious one lol! XD It really reminds me of what a chicken may say with human speech lol! :P And yeah, it's goblins again lol! :D Anyway, nothing here to complain about. Hope to read more soon! ^^ Bye! :)
1/3/2008 c5 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
LOL funny chapter here... and yeah, there's the chants of the goblins which sounds like a racist rendition of tribal Africans lol! XD HOnestly speaking, I really find the name Bud really super funny really lol! XD And yeah, WOW stands for World of Warcraft lol! :P That being said, have you played that game? It's a MMORPG btw which so super famous amongst RPG fans. Anyway, enough ranting for now. Just here to tell you that I've got a new story entitled Bloodfire up. Genre is a no contest lol! :D Anyway, hope to see you review it soon! ^^ Bye! :)
12/8/2007 c1 8Bt255
Well I finally got around to finishing this story and it was overall, really funny. The ending was good and I look forward to reading more of your work. :)
11/25/2007 c4 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
You know one thing pal? If I was to look at this chapter in a screwed manner, I'd have seen this chapter a bit on the racist side. For some funny reason, the goblin chanting reminds me of African tribes lol! XD Ok, I admit that's a joke... anyway, I think the humor here was a bit bland compared to the previous chapters... but still a good chapter overall... anyway, glad to see your reviews for Circles of Arven as of now. Hope to see more of them soon! ^^ Bye! :)
11/23/2007 c3 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
This story's definitely super insane in a good way... I really like all the bickering between Elvan and Buff-Man. Saying frankly, I don't really know whether these two are idiots or clever. It's like there are scenes contradicting the issue of IQ in this story. Good for you on that though. That's a smart move to let the reader question exactly how smart/stupid these two are... anyway, I don't know what is it that Tooloo wants, but I've got a gut feeling that it could be Princess Princess in some kind of Beauty and the Beast scenario lol! :D Anyway, thanks very much for your reviews for Circles of Arven as up till now. Hope to see more of your reviews soon! ^^ And yeah, I'm may be planning on updating Elven Chronicles real soon. Be on the look out if I do! ;) Bye! :)
11/23/2007 c2 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Ok, I'll have to say that this story's arguably the funniest story I've read in recent years lol! XD Anyway, maybe Elvan wasn't that smart after all lol! :D And yeah, Princess Princess and King King lol! :D Anyway, the whole curse issue is rather funny. It's throwing an insane twist to the whole "rescue the princess" cliche issue. Anyway, this story's getting me hooked. I really regret not reading this earlier... anyway, next chapter! :)
11/23/2007 c1 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
You know one thing, this chapter got me smiling in humor right from the start. The whole WOW term is obviously a joke. The whole exchange between Elvan and Buff-Man is also freakin' funny. Stupid elves are definitely anto stereotypical. That being said though, I've planned for having an idiotic elf in The Elven Chroincles for quite some time and it's likely to be fixed... look out for how stupid he can get lol! :D Anyway, back to Elvan vs Buff-Man, it's pretty much like brains vs brawn lol! XD Anyway, I really wonder what will happen next. Off to the next chapter! :)
9/9/2007 c8 5red-cowboy-boots
I absolutely adored this story! I love the detail, the names and the humour. Also liked the twist that the hero didn't get the princess, (He he Princess Husband!) All in all a great story!
7/30/2007 c2 8Bt255
well this was pretty good. the word princess repeated alot lol but other than tht really good. u may want to be a bit more creative about the names, like king king and princess princess, lol, unless u did it on purpose as a joke. xD
7/20/2007 c8 4King of Kings
Holy Humbladodourse (-snicker-) is right! She was a dragon all along! And all this was...all a set-up? Hm. A very interesting and unexpected ending. You really caught me off guard here, heh. Anyway, are you planning to write anything more with Elvan and Buff-man? You should, you know. I love them both, and I think they'd make great heroes someday. Anyway, it sucks that it's the ending, but you did a fantastic job. ^^ Hope to see more works from you soon! ^_^
7/19/2007 c8 Counting Petals
They went all that way for a wedding? Hahaha, nice. It gave us a lot to laugh about, anyway.
7/19/2007 c8 30Preston2099
“Agtak co can mean nothing!” haha.. and here i was, sitting in my chair for the last 4 chps trying to figure that out, and here i find it means nothing o.0

that piece of fruit in 'manure' was pretty hilarous 2!

can't believe it was the end, but it really was funny while it lasted. hope to see more work from ya soon!


7/18/2007 c7 King of Kings
-stars along with Elvan-

I know how Elvan feels. I'm drawing a complete blank here. I figured 'Wise Lady' was Tooloo, but I never guessed all this was a wild goose chase. I guess Elvan and Buff-man finally connected though, huh? Anyway, what will happen now? I am interested in finding out, so I guess you'll have to post the next chapter soon. ;)
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