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5/19/2009 c1 MockingJuliet
this was quite interesting to read. I didn't know about a lot of this. I actually have OCD myself. I have a few symptoms, but one of my biggest problems is counting. It gets on my nerves. I sometimes cant finish a movie/show on tv cause im too busy counting the shelves on the entertainment center... I know it's exactly 11 but still, for some reason i just keep counting them over and over. I missed a lot of good parts when i saw Wolverine in theaters last week because i was too busy counting the number of people in the theater i was frustrated too cause people kept switching seats and leaving... yeah it's rough. Its also hard to drive because im counting specific things that go by... yeah. Im sory, im just rambling on and on lol Anyways, i liked that you posted this. I hope you do continue and write a fiction story based on OCD. That would really be neat. Plus, you have plenty of research to go on :) Excellet effort went into this i can tell. I applaud your hard work. Keep writing! :)

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