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11/23/2008 c1 612simpleplan13
Thanks for your review a few weeks ago, sorry it took me so long to return it.

"for a lack of a backbone/to hold yourself up."... You need to hold yourself up with something. Or you lack a backbone to hold you up.

I think this metaphor is really interesting. It's very powerful and definitely gets the readers' attention. I also like the format in the second line. Those one word sentences emphasized your point. Nice job.

PS If you're bored check out the Review Game an/or its Review Marathon (links in my profile)
6/30/2007 c1 60dollface and her cancer
it's hard and fast and so so bitter. it - is - good. my favorite lines; "bending over the toilet bowl / for a lack of a backbone / to hold yourself up". and, "keep purging, sweetheart. i'll never wipe your face again." it takes you and twists without mercy.
6/30/2007 c1 54Meg J. Martin

Seriously, it was a gruling account of a bulimic person.

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