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2/7/2009 c1 Promethean Cult
Absolutely lovely story. I loved it from start to end though I don't know...Hannah seemed to forgive Jake too easily, in my opinion. Oh, and Jake's name freaked me out cause I know a kid with the name Jake Allen in real life. Weird. Anyways, loved it. =]
2/6/2009 c21 4Gizmobunny
Aw, I'm sad about this, but it was a totally amazing ending! It seemed to end suddenly, but not without satisfaction. And despite the shocking similarities between Jake Allen and my boyfriend Jake, I have yet to be in any car accidents. So it's all good.

I still think this is my favorite story on FictionPress, like, ever. I just loved reading it so much! The plot still makes me giggle and grin and feel really good inside. I'm gonna go read it again in a couple of months, probably.

Lots of love, Evelyn
1/17/2009 c21 1Tigery
Aw. I really loved that ending! Now I'm kinda sad it's all over...

Thanx for writing a great story! (and keeping me from dieing of boredom)

Hugglez & Toodlez

~ Tigery ^_^
1/17/2009 c21 1SC Mac
I really liked this ending. It wasn't mushy and it was funny. And I loved the "you win".

I was a good story that I enjoyed reading.
1/16/2009 c21 Vicky a
I love it. I was well written and interesting all the way trough. I love Jake's personality, the dark and closed off part of him. It makes him an interesting character./Vicky A.
1/12/2009 c21 ThereForTomorrow

*claps eagerly*

I have been reading this story for about a week because of school and homework and my other extras but each time i make it back to the computer to read again i fall instantly in love with this story AGAIN and again and again AND AGAIN

i have been reading until 3 am on school nights to find out what happens.

i absolutely love the story

and i will be checking on your others.

Keep Writing!
1/12/2009 c21 loved
i love this story! you are an awesome author! the waits between chapters were too long for my liking. but the end totally makes up for it. hehe. jake and hannah are so cute together! wow, i love this story so much. thanks for writing such a great fiction, and i will definitely be keeping tabs on your future stories.

1/11/2009 c15 ThereForTomorrow
the way Jake acts in this chapter reminds me so much of how edward cullen treats bella when hes being protective.

&& i love the story !
1/11/2009 c21 8Veronica Kimble
aw...its over now?

this was a really cute chapter! awesome story!
1/11/2009 c21 2JudasTree

But I wouldn't mind reading an epilogue ... :)
1/11/2009 c21 HeyyyitsPickle
YAYY! its donee! that story was awesome! i cant wait 2 read the rest of your stories! : )
1/11/2009 c21 8Mynmsths
I loved it twas amazing... one of my favorites here on FP. Great job I loved your description...
1/10/2009 c21 OdairBear
Hey I just finished reading this story!

Your story did something to me. I really don't know what it did but it was something and it made the story very addicting.

I could not stop reading and I ended up falling in love with this story!

I loved how realistic it was and how you kept Jake in character! He was an ass but I totally loved him from the start!

I loved how I was debating on Jake and Hannah's relationship even though it was very frustrating it was also very fun.


Lastly, I loved Hannah to death! I became so attached to her and you did such an awesome job with the writing that I was able to imagine how she was feeling very well.

When Jake told her about the Hide-and-seek and she became jealous I felt jelouse too,like I was Hannah for a minuit and I love how I was able to imagine it really well.

All in all great story!

I am really looking forward to reading your other stories.
1/10/2009 c21 Leah-Beth
wow, you are such a good writer! i loved this story so much! your characters were so much fun, and i couldn't stop reading until i'd finished! such a good job!
1/10/2009 c18 Mynmsths
Shit... no thats not suppose to happen... god i am totally hating Hannah right now... gr she just needs to listen to stupid dumb impulsive Jake...
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