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1/10/2009 c17 8Mynmsths
Dudes i love your alliteration (spelling?) chapter titles they are great... but anyways was that like a memory?
1/10/2009 c12 Mynmsths
Wait what! no but really thats awesome i've been waiting for that... great job so far.
1/10/2009 c21 9Stahlut
Wow I finally was able to get to reading this, and well, I really loved the ending. It wasnh't over the top or anything like that. It was actually quite simple and I liked that. so anyway yeah, I loved it!
1/10/2009 c21 82Isabella22
Oh my goodness that was so much fun to read! I'm really sad that the story ended (and I won't get to see the moms' reactions).

Awesome work. You created a great story. :D
1/10/2009 c21 54big.break.and.laryngitis
aw, how sweet. i loved this story! yay you! they're so cute :)
1/10/2009 c21 Sam
By far, my favorite story. I have LOVED and ENJOYEDED reading this so much! It was perfect. the ending and just everything about it! You are very talented! thank you. thank you so much for writing this and actually finishing it and not keeping us hanging! I greatly appreciate it! THANK YOU! and i love this story very much. Lol :)
1/9/2009 c21 7Ms ShiSha
very good story! i really, really liked it a lot.

the plot was original mixed with cliché and this was genius, you have a nice and smooth way with words and i really enjoyed reading it.

i liked the characters a lot because they fortunately lacked naiveté and had very human emotions. i though that jake was very mean at the beginning but i loved the (slow, progressing) way he fell or rather realized he had fallen for her.

however i cannot deny that i would have liked more kisses -) or at least more detailled kisses, more passion so i could -feel- the kiss ... nonetheless the scene with the movie-marathon was one of the best ever, i could just picture it all in my mind and it was wonderful .. hehe

this story is great!

1/9/2009 c21 1silentscream4luv
really loved it...great story..
1/9/2009 c21 8brushstroke
I loved your story! It was so cute!

By the way, it was surreal seeing references all over the place to the dayton area. You talked about Vandalia and Trotwood and the Fairfield Mall...crazy. I was expecting a visit to Bill's Donuts down in Kettering, or the Oakwood Graeters' ice cream, or a lame light show downtown at Riverbend.

SO weird. Anyway, peace out. Great job with the story. *grabs Jake and runs toward a place with handcuffs*

1/9/2009 c21 caelynne
-sends rounds of applause to Weeping Duck-

Congrats for finishing! Wow, I thought this story was amazing, and I'm kind of annoyed at myself for not noticing this earlier.

I think you really developed your characters really well, especially in a third person portrayal. Though, I'm just a little peeved about how Hannah was in love with Jake before she got amnesia. In the few years back of Hannah's reflection, I more expected Hannah to be strong-willed and not even like Jake at all, let alone confessing it in her diary. I would have much preferred if the amnesia changed both characters to, not realise their feelings for each other,but develop feelings for one another. That way, I think, it'd be more credible and more of a change from the cliche plot with the two main characters who've hated each other for most of their life.

I loved it however :) And thanks for putting so much effort in writing such a wonderful read. I'll check out The Brat Pack when I'm not so busy... now back to the tennis, I go!

See you.
1/9/2009 c21 1Joanikens
i love how quickly you update! get chapter
1/9/2009 c21 Dances-With-Pen
Aw, done already? Well, it was a very good ride. This story was a very fun read and I enjoyed the characters. Hannah's awesome, and she reminds me of this girl I know with the same name. Girls in stories should always kick ass like that. Jake was pretty cool too. I'm gonna miss this one.
1/9/2009 c21 13goldenspork
Aw, this was a really good story! It was cute, and the whole Jake realizing how he felt about Hannah was pretty realistic, too. :P I'm sorry I didn't discover it sooner.
1/9/2009 c21 OrangeSodaRocks
Aw, it's over! I'm so glad that you allowed a happy ending. Haha, you and your sad stories! ;)

Jake and Hannah are so sweet together, and I really feel like they've come far from the beginning. Talk about some extreme development. You showed their progressment so well! You also created a cast of great supporting characters (Tisha, Isaac, and Brent are incredible!).

I absolutely loved the plot line. I loved EVERYTHING about this story! And I can't wait to see what else you impress me with. :)

P.S. I LOVED the stalking bit! Haha, fellow stalkers unite!
1/9/2009 c21 1Writing4Eternity
loves it
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