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1/2/2009 c18 Dances-With-Pen
Just when things were rosy, he had to go and eff things up. I hate when mess like that happens. Great chapter, and fast update too.
1/2/2009 c18 dust and glitter

That's so sad.

Sniff sniff.

I guess it kinda fits though...

Nice emotional chapter (;

Update soon!

1/2/2009 c18 HeyyyitsPickle
woahh..thats one good chapter...

so...ehh wats the word...intense...like YO

please update...

Stacey AKA HeyitsPickle
1/2/2009 c18 kaw97
Wow! That was great! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Please update soon!
1/2/2009 c18 82Isabella22
I love this story! It's incredible and you have to update.
1/2/2009 c18 1DuchessYappingDog
Ack! I hope the diary makes a reappearance! Poor Jake. Definitely tactless. Hahaha but everything will be alright!
1/2/2009 c18 notwithoutyou
My, that was a quick update! You should put the next chapter up as soon as possible. I really want to know what happens between Jake and Hannah.

He really did spill out the wrong words. It's like major word vomit. Very, very bad word vomit!

Let's hope Hannah has a forgiving bone in er body somewhere, and I know she won't be able to just turn off her feelings for Jake anytime soon.

The boy's in over his head.
1/2/2009 c18 2Shostakovich
I started reading earlier, and I couldn't stop. This is amazing. I am in love with this story... Please keep up the amazing work. You have created a masterpiece. I would love to follow it to the finish line.

1/2/2009 c18 1funnechick
Wow...I honestly don't even know what to say. Jake pretty much completely messed up. And I think it's going to take a lot to convince Hannah that he geninuely does like her and wasn't faking his feelings (at least towards the end of their new friendship). Ooh, and I know Hannah's friends are going to be after him...he'll be lucky to survive the week without being taken out by them.

And I feel so badly for Hannah. I can't believe she got her memory back? It'll definitely be interesting to see things from her POV now that she remembers everything. But her heartbreak will be so sad...aww...*tear*

But despite how horrible a blow-up occurred in this chapter, it was still really great. Usually so much thinking with little amounts of dialogue I read in a chapter bores me but I was so anxious to find out (and sort through) Jake's thoughts that I enjoyed reading everything. Great job on that!
1/2/2009 c18 3 this story
aww such a sad chap. i love this story :) damn jakes multi personalites! -_-;
1/1/2009 c18 4nirnas
Quoting Jake: "Well, shit." He certainly buggered things up, didn't he? Hannah does need time with her friends. On the other hand, I'm glad her memory's back. She can deal with things she couldn't deal with previously before, hopefully. : ) When I was reading the argument scene, I was just barely trying to stop myself from going on because I was all: "This fight is just going to get worse." And then I read Hannah's line before she slammed the door shut in Jake's face...something he kinda deserved, though. XD Someone needs to clear the insides of Jake's mind so he can actually discern which feeling from which. :]

I'm glad you find my reviews insightful. I will continue leaving them.

Till next time, keep up the excellent work! :D

~All The Rest
1/1/2009 c17 6RinHattori
Aw...this is just too sweet! I LOVE this story, so please update soon!
1/1/2009 c6 caelynne

First things first, I think this story is incredible. I was kinda off fictionpress for a while because everything seemed overly repetitive but this pretty much brought it back to me :D You've wrote these first six chapters so well and with rather great portrayal of the characters that I'm in anticipation of what's going to happen next. I hoping that Hannah gets her memories back. Any chance of that happening? Hehe, I'll review sometime in the next few chapters I guess. See you!
12/31/2008 c17 Reiyama41
This is an awesome story so far! Hannah and Jake make such a cute couple! I wish Jake would finally realize it! Update soon!
12/31/2008 c17 1DuchessYappingDog
I keep wondering if Jake is going to do a 180... or how Hannah is going to find out about their past. I really wonder how her thoughts worked if she was positively in love with him... but hating him at the same time before. So confusing! I hope that becomes revealed when and if she regains her memory...
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