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12/10/2008 c14 il capitano
nice story tho bit cliched but ur original writing style totally makes up for it.

cant wait till the next chapter
12/4/2008 c14 kaw97
My first review of this story - because I just found it and read all these chapters. No fun to be left hanging by the way...

GREAT story! So different from the drillions (my own word) of cheesy cloned high school romance stories on this site. This one is different: imaginative, funny and even delving into some deeper character development than most. The fact that Jake is confused by his feelings and they are blindsiding him one minute and he is vehemently denying them to himself the next. That's fun to watch.

It seems a little unrealistic that no one has told Hannah that she and Jake hate each other. I would have thought a fellow student at school would have commented, but that's OK. Or maybe they did and I missed that.

Please update soon!
11/11/2008 c14 dramaqueen89
It's freaking 3:30 in the morning here and I have classes tomorrow.

Or today. In a few hours.


Your story is so addicting.

I love how you slowly changed how Jake (he is way cute btw) felt about Hannah.

Like how a normal person who hates someone then realizes that maybe they were wrong should.

Not like some stories wherein the hate just disappears one day and they fall completely in love.

So unrealistic.

I'm really happy with your transitions so far and I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

11/4/2008 c14 2sarahrules336
love this story. update soon i want to know what happens!
10/27/2008 c14 1DuchessYappingDog
Hmm forgot to put this story on alert. Hope he doesn't get into an accident too! Ack!
10/21/2008 c14 11The Cat Died Nobly
Ah! Been a while. Hope that trend doesn't continue.

At least our old boy's starting to come around. I really love how long it's taken him-it makes the story much more realistic. :)
10/21/2008 c14 8Veronica Kimble
who! party =]
10/20/2008 c14 glib
OMg you updated! woot! awesome chapter, i love hannah's emotions. haha. her thoughts are wonderful to read. poor jake is having internal conflicts. hehe.
10/20/2008 c14 5darkangelsonic
It's been so crazy since i got back at fiction press! But I still love this story! It's still keeps me wanting more. It's getting very interesting actually. I'll be waiting for more. Even if it drives me crazy. hahahaha Well, update soon! See you then!
10/20/2008 c14 xoxo-Hannah-xoxo
I almost screamed the house down with excitement when i got that little email saying "update from Weeping Duck Apocalypse", man i almost screamed down the street! Jake and his skanky-pants ladies, tut tut hehehehe. But i enjoyed the chapter as always and i hope this means more updates soon...? Please say yes!

Best wishes and many m&ms!

xoxo Hannah
10/19/2008 c14 1Writing4Eternity
Dude where have you been? Great update.
10/19/2008 c14 2JusticeWriter
Yay! An update. I'm so happy! :D Updae soon.
10/19/2008 c14 9Stahlut
That was really awesome, I have been waiting for an update on this story. I think I did a dance when it said there was a new chapter lol. I loved it, Can't wait for more.
10/18/2008 c14 MackayFire
Yay new chapter! I love how Jake is slowly trying to accept his feelings, it makes me laugh that sometimes he doesn't even fight it, he just gives up. Which is good since I want him and Hannah together. I wonder what would happen when or if she gets her memory back! Exciting!

Thanks for the update :) much appreciated!
10/18/2008 c14 edi
um, this made my day. =) thank you for updating!
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