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4/18/2008 c5 MySunshine
isaac is hilarious xD

so is jake. sometimes.

i absolutely love your story!
4/18/2008 c4 MySunshine
i seriously don't really know what to think of jake xD

once i start to like him, you make him say or do something that makes me dislike him xD

i just realized the pattern in your chapter titles (i'm usually slow in those kind of things xD) and it's interesting :)
4/18/2008 c3 MySunshine
wow. you describe hannah's feelings and everything so awesomely (does this word exist? xD) well, one could think you had amnesia ...

that didn't sound very nice, but i hope you get what i'm trying to say -.-"

awesome chapter ... hopefully, jake will be a little nicer to hannah xD
4/18/2008 c2 MySunshine
i feel so sorry for hannah's family ...

but i have a question. hannah's dad introduced isaac s his and diane's son. but isn't diane jake's mother?

that had me confused a little ...

well, well, jake and isaac, sniffing around in hannah's room. i think it's cute that she has pictures of jake in her room :)
4/18/2008 c2 1funky-gg
its so sad xx
4/18/2008 c13 dust and glitter
Aww, ignoring the kiss. That's so lame. Sob sob. Well, I'm guessing that's what one would do in a situation like that. A person that hated you forget about it and plants one of you. I believe you might be freaked out, lol.

Ooh, I don't watch "House M.D." but people say it's good. I'm assuming it is :)

Update soon! :D Looking forward to it, muchly.
4/18/2008 c1 MySunshine
OMG i loved this chapter!

the two of them are so funny together, i cracked up while i was reading xD

seems to be a love-hate-relationship between hannah and jake xD

i'm looking forward to continue reading ...
4/18/2008 c13 2ties.are.great.belts
This is really good! i hope you update soon!
4/15/2008 c12 xoxo-Hannah-xoxo
hey courtney (is it ok if i call you that or should i still call you weeping duck? lol)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! i've almost gone crazy waiting for not only the next chapter but finally for the kiss! YAY! good timing though it was perfectly placed :P

really good chapter like always and i just want to keep reading, but i can't cause there's not another chapter!

Would bribes of m&m's make the next chapter go up faster? lol

xx hannah
4/15/2008 c12 2sarahrules336
woah i did not see that coming. i love it though! update soon!
4/13/2008 c12 3QuasiHere
Oh my god, more.
4/12/2008 c12 5Little Miss Melissa
I really like this story, especially this chapter. I can't wait to find out his reaction to her kiss...it's so suspenseful! I can't wait until you update it so do it soon okay?
4/12/2008 c12 7MuseofMagic
Very funny. Maybe I'm just easily amused, but yeah...

Anyway, I really liked this and I can't wait for more. I also like how you don't rush everything. It's refreshing because usually by chapter twelve the two main characters would be fawning over each other or secretly pining away. Both of them. So... it's just... nice to see it done slower and more believably.

Yeah... so hope you update soonish.
4/12/2008 c12 2mia5081
Whoa, I was not expecting Hannah to kiss him lol. Loved the chapter though =)

Update soon!

4/12/2008 c12 EdwardsWife
oh wow! I wasn't expecting that I cant wait till the next chapter!
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