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2/24/2008 c10 2JudasTree
I can't wait to see what happens till the end!
2/24/2008 c10 OrangeSodaRocks
Aw, I'm so glad you're back! And I really liked this chapter, although I missed Isaac a lot! He's such a cute kid!

Okay, I'm definitely, definitely, definitely glad you went back to the issue with Greg. How adorable is Hannah's worry about that? Aw! And Jake...you know, as frustrated as I want to get with him for not falling for Hannah, I'm always glad that you're keeping it so realistic. I love his thoughts-they crack me up! And I especially loved that closing line. Not to mention the conversation between him and Shirley...so precious! He's gonna fall for Hannah...I know he is. At least, you know, I hope that I know he is! :)

Update soon!
2/24/2008 c10 1nuisance
Ah. Well, I wanted to leave a really long review, but it's late. I should have been paying attention to the time, but I liked the story so much I couldn't stop. Anyways, the gist of my review is just to say I love this story! I love the characters and I love the fact that you know proper grammar. Aha. Please keep up the great work!

xoxo Nuisance
2/8/2008 c3 emrevolemina
1/24/2008 c9 11The Cat Died Nobly
Aw, man; the last of the updates so far. That came up far too quickly.

I really enjoyed this! Despite being amnesiac, she still stays true to herself...well, minus the whole "murder-Jake-in-his-sleep" bit.

Isaac is a great character, too; and I just love how Jake isn't all secretly in luurrvee with Hannah as most love-hate relationships tend to go. I actually like that he's the one resisting, not the chick. Despite the amnesia aspect-which makes it unique in it's own-it's a very real story. The characters don't immediately declare love for another, crushes start small, and it's not some big love confession. Its the way life generally goes.

Update soon!
12/29/2007 c9 3substitute angel

This was an amazing read. It was so funny that I couldn't put it down from start to finish. I cannot wait for you to update this. You've fleshed out your characters extremely well and you've got excellent descriptions in here. I love the story and I'm going to add it to my favorite's list so please update soon. It's 6 AM over here, but yet I still went ahead and spent the better part of the night reading this. LOL. Exceptional write. Hope you have a great New Years!


Blue Calico
12/24/2007 c9 MJD
^^ please update!
12/6/2007 c9 4Lady Katreina
I like that her family didn't beat around the bush with her ""condition"". Thank you for updating!
12/2/2007 c9 2Arej
Back for more. As expected...maybe? Possibly. I will not shirk my duties! (Yeah, I'm drugged on some weird medication. Blame that for my current hyperoddness.)

I like that you snuck in the history without making it long and boring and dragging on and on forever until nobody cares anymore and people just want to shred the screen or something and...is the uber-long sentence getting across the suckiness of those sorts of histories? Maybe. Anyway, well done. Well executed, I could say, although that makes me think of the guillotine (I know that o is off...it has to be...).

Hannah's Christmas Cookie sneaking's a pretty awesome thing to put in there, too.

And my god, those are the...the harshest grandparents I've ever had the misfortune of reading. (Not that I mean your writing is a misfortune, but their existence is. You did execute their characters well - and this time I put a little more emphasis on the word execute, on purpose!)

Grandma Shirley's awesome too. Very quirky. I like.

And the banter...it's great. It flows, it fits, it's -real-. And that's just pure skill, right there.

Man, has she got it bad...but is it just that she's grateful for him being accepting of her? (I know, it might sound kinda weird, but I hear it a lot. Like rebound relationships, almost - liking someone because they're nice to you in your time of need, as opposed to having a genuine attraction.) Hmm...now my whirling mind has more to whirl over. Yays.

Anyway. Good chapter, as usual. And now I am caught up in my penance. For now. Teehee.

Happy Writing!


Oh, and happy happy holidays too. Early.
12/2/2007 c8 Arej
Yes, I know, I know, my review is very very late because I was very very sick. (Sinus infections and sore throats...who knew they were such friends?) Anyway, since all I do when sick is sleep and watch Disney movies (the classic ones, not these newfangled live-action sans-animation ones)...I fell behind. A lot. Heh.

But I didn't forget! I didn't forget. This is like therapy now, pretty spiffy therapy at that.

You know, I think I'm making myself out to be a bigger fool than I tend to show. Huh. Imagine that. Anyways! Onwards and forwards! (Although backwards is good too.)

Oh - one thing. I like how you don't take up half the update with review replies and author's notes. It clutters up a person's writing, and, maybe it's just me, but it tends to get annoying. Especially when you have to scroll down a third of the way to get to the actual story.

Off that soapbox now.

I like the interaction between Mercedes and Jake. (I like her name, too. I don't know why. Maybe 'cause I'm a car girl at heart?) But it's...playful, not awkward, not tense. They joke with each other - it's the real 'let's stay friends' situation. It works. I like it.

Kudos that she's not a psycho bimbo, too. I see a lot of that these days...in stories, I mean.

Eating cupcakes with a fork? Hmm...that's an interesting concept. And it makes him quirky. Good going.

And that whole "shoot myself in the earlobe" thing just makes me laugh. I think it's using earlobe. It's just...fun.

Yeah, I'll admit it, Jake's hesitancy to go to Hannah at first kinda ticked me off (hello, pseudo-friend in need, what the heck?), but it's realistic...and it fits. He doesn't want to be her keeper, and he's balking a bit at it, even though he gives in in the end. ...Even if it makes me want to slap his head against a brick oven, hey, it's right and it's good.

Hmm...okay. One thing strikes me as odd. She's already been crying all over her dress, why worry about it now? Or, perhaps she's using it as an excuse...I dunno. Dunno dunno dunno. Hm...

And...another question. Where is she hiding this elusive house key? Meaning, where the heck -would- she hide it? I haven't heard word of a clutch or anything else, so unless she's hiding it in her bra...

...the only reason this comes up is because, as Jake carried her out, there's no mention of getting it, unless she had it on her the whole time. So maybe it's just a confusion on my part.

Anyway, yay, chapter eight down and onto number nine!

Happy Writing,

12/1/2007 c9 maehwa
I really like this story, can't wait for an update :)
11/30/2007 c9 loooove
awesome awesome chapter. i love this story it's so sweet! can't wait to see more of jake/hannah interaction!
11/30/2007 c9 XxUnLikelyAnGeLxX
OMG...this story is so awesome.How will Jake react to Hannah present? What will happen? Please update as soon as you can! But don't try to stress yourself 2 much, it's almost the holidays. So... um Happy late thanksgiving and merry early christmas lol.
11/29/2007 c9 1Nerdette
Good plot. I hope it speeds up a little more. It is a little sad that it is only a one-sided crush so far...
11/29/2007 c9 1I.Heart.Shi
aw cute! its all christmassy and cute and i liked it!

ehehe i like their grandma! she's funny! wish my grandma was dat cool dammit! lol
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