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11/22/2007 c8 eras
Ha ha ( I guess the NyQuill was an excellent kick) I love this chapter.

Hannah is starting to confuse me a little bit, but I do love what you did with Jake.

It was like a breath of fresh air, seeing him react more to his ex girlfriend and trying to say that he wasn't still interested in her. He clearly is, but I think he is too much of a guy to admit it to himself. He still hold the candle of when Mercedes might open the door or even a window.

The whole relationship that he has with Mercedes is pretty well balanced. Yes there are still feelings on his part, but usually when you are the one dumped it means that you never really get over the person that tossed you.

I love the asshole Jake can be (sorry but he is, but I love him for it). He still could give a damn about what Hannah feels or how destroyed she is. I think its more the shock of how she is now that affects him as to what she is going through. To him, I feel, he can still see the ghost of her and doesn't completely trust himself around her. She was spiteful to him since they were little and nothing would ever change that.

Again with the whole memory issue. Jake who can still remember everything he suffered and lived with her, will have to get over all of the insults and wrong doings that Hannah's done. Even if the whole football thing is still a mystery I have a hunch that it involved her. She made him lose something that he might have loved and that is something that I don't think Jake can get over quite yet. It's just a guess though, but I do think that he knows her for how she was and he is just waiting until the monster he once knew returns.

I feel somewhat bad for Hannah, things don't go her way with Jake, but she is manipulating him. In some way or another, Isaac sees it, but it was by chance and just because he is so observant of his sister. I think anyone else would have missed that little incident, which opened a whole lot.

To me Hannah is like a baby, born with the knowledge of what she needs to survive, but without the knowledge of herself. She knows the rules of survival, but she doesn't know anything of how she made it so far in life.

I think the biggest question she asks herself is how she came to be with the people that are around her. Sure there was a shift in the Winter Formal, where she wasn't as annoyed with her friends, but she still questions it. It's like saying, Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are, or something close to that.

She sees it as that. I feel. They are nothing great, not that I have seen so far, sure they care for her, but you cannot help but see their shallowness, their anger towards each other, and their cold attitude at times. I just have to keep reminding myself that we see them in the eyes of people that dislike them. At times. Like Jake, or Hannah in the beginning and even at the mall.

She has no memories to prove to her if they are worthy or not, and the only reason why she even gave them a chance was because of what Jake said.

Jake has a bigger influence on her than I think both of them realize. Jake could give a damn, and when he is actually trying to be human, Hannah sees it as a tender thing, because again she doesn't know any better.

Jake himself doesn't know if his actions seem comforting, like in the couch when he put his hand in her lap, or when he said that maybe what she saw was a fluke. He is just as confused as she is. I think part of him wants the amnesic Hannah to stay, but like I said again he is just waiting for her to show up again as the old one. Subconsciously that is his way to get back to her. Like how he knew that she might not have her key and knowing it was chilly outside. It might be fun for him, now, to kick the puppy when its down, but I think it will lose its appeal once he realizes how serious her situation is.

I don't any of them realize how serious it is for her not to remember anything. Nothing at all. Her character is still there, but the Hannah they knew, loved, and hated, is gone.

I think it would be even more ironic if she were never to come back, but even if she did, the memories that she is gaining from these times, might shape her to be another stranger, yet again.

I'm glad you like my alien theory. I still see her as one. I mean if she were to wake up in the same position and be in a room full of strangers that knew nothing about her, she might of had an easier time coping with things.

Even showing her feelings is hard for her. She doesn't know what they expect from her and that in itself its pretty scary.

I hope you love this review, just like the rest. Also hoping, that I might be on the right track and not misread anything and brought myself to a completely different one.

I made this one extra long for you. Sorry if it bores you, but I had a lot to take out of my chest.

Take Care

Ingrid... again, I cannot wait for the next update. Feel better.
11/22/2007 c8 6Lainiee
There's something that I really appreciate from your story, and it's the fact that you don't make every possible fantasical thing happen; as in, you don't mention anything at all about Jake seeing Hannah in her dress or anything remotely fluffy at all, which is a nice change of pace- it keeps it nicely ambiguous as to where this could be going.

I do feel a bit strange about Jake's inner thoughts about the whole Hannah's feeling deal, as that it's obvious he's still weirded out by her personality change and just the entire situation, but he's shown to be a generally nice guy to everybody. And he is "repulsed" by the entire idea of her crushing on him, yet he still flirts and is physically comfortable with her ("rubbing small circles against her lower back" as opposed to 'gingerly patting her' or something like that), which will not discourage her crush at all. I guess it does make sense in that whole, 'i'm a dude and will flirt with everybody,' but I guess that's just part of the whole suspense. It's just something to think about- I mean, I'm being really picky right now, which is a good thing since I have nothing else to pick apart (awesome) and it is just a thought; I'm sure it's just me anyway. Good job, and keep it up!
11/22/2007 c8 OrangeSodaRocks
One of the things I love most about this story is how 3-dimensional it is, and what I mean by that is that so many stories focus on two characters: the guy and the girl who are falling for each other. But instead, you remind the reader that there are other things in the characters' lives...other friends, other things going on...instead of just obsession. That shows a lot of reality, and I love it!

So I've tried and tried to hate Mercedes, but I can't. Especially since she poses no threat to any developing romance between Jake and Hannah; she's just a friend, and it's good that you show that Jake can have a friend who's a girl. Oh, and I LOVED Jake and Libby's exchange. It's amazing how loyal Hannah's friends are to her and how they'll use the qualities that Hannah hates (Tisha's pushiness and Libby's arguing) to help her out in the long run. The depth of that is so incredible!

I really, really felt sorry for Hannah in this chapter too. And then Jake just soothed her, and I thought that was sweet! I'm hoping that it's foreshadowing for more intimate feelings for them... ;D I just love how cute they are with each other!

That was a really fast update, and I hope you update again just as fast!
11/22/2007 c8 maidengarnet
You WILL sucumb to fuzzy feelings eventually, Jake... muahahaha... well, that's my hope anyway. I can't wait for more!
11/21/2007 c7 2InspiredByAKiss
Aww, Hannah's so cute! I loved her walk with Jake in the previous chapter and how she acts around Jake's friends and Ethan. Isaac's awesome. He's the little brother everyone wants to have :D

Update soon! But I miss Alex, Codi, Aubrey and ... Austin was his name I think? So I hope you update that one soon as well :)
11/20/2007 c7 1I.Heart.Shi

i was prepared to stay up readin this until the morning light then it just


just like that!


lol. this is actually amazing, and so realistic, espec ially the whole best friends irritating you.

Jake.is.so.funny! seriously funny! I love the fact that he REALLY doesnt like her. and theres no underlying love and feelings!


eagerly awaiting
11/20/2007 c7 OrangeSodaRocks
Ah, I knew that Greg was lying! Or at least I thought he was, and now I really think he was, but...then again, you might twist something else and make me doubt that. You're really good at putting in quick plot twists that change your entire view of someone! I'm still curious about the mystery of Jake's secret with Hannah... But hey, I'm being patient! ;D

The girl time was good for Hannah, and I was glad that she could see some good in all of her friends toward the end. I LOVED when she snapped at Libby! I was like, "YES! Go, Hannah!" I was really glad that Hannah started warming up to them.

But, of course, what I definitely want to see is more Jake and Hannah! Man, I hope he gets so jealous when she shows up looking gorgeous with Ethan. I do like Ethan a lot though...he's adorable! But anyway, I'm focusing... So yeah, I hope Jake's jealous, even though he'll probably be a big loveable jerk who won't be a bit jealous! I love-hate him for that.

Marvelous chapter! And you updated so fast! I was so happy.
11/20/2007 c7 24Denny Starbucks
I like it.

I only found it today but I like the flow of the story.

I've actually written one. Something like this but instead of the two characters hating each other. They were best friends. But they had this little arguement before the accident took place, afterwards, the boy left because he couldn't stand being there.

...but that's not the point.

Again, the story is great so far and I can't wait to read whatever happens next.
11/20/2007 c1 chillychill
I love this story. I like the gradual crush that hannah develops on jake. update soon
11/20/2007 c7 3G.Catherine
Oh well.. she's going with Ethan. bummer. but then, there's still Jake to look forward too. I hope the little monster called jealousy will eat at him.


11/19/2007 c7 1carmelatte
I really like this story :D it's interesting, has it's element of mystery, and i love the characters! XD! good work, keep it up! and update soon! :D
11/19/2007 c7 Georgianna
Hm, I wonder what'll happen if Hannah were to get her memory back...be pretty interesting to see. I'll be waiting for your next chapter!
11/19/2007 c7 disgruntled female
Lovin it, lovin it. Continue, continue. (why I keep repeting things i don't know. I just don't know)
11/19/2007 c7 simplybebe
omg i love! hannah's gotta snag jake before the formal. they have to end up going together! that would be incredible.
11/19/2007 c7 2Arej
Pretty awesome explanation of her lack of upsetness, there. So really, it's there, she just hides it well...

...and the plot thickens. I do love the fight, it's definitely a sign that Hannah's a different person. Morgan's advice about not taking the words back indicates she's more aware of how Libby is than the others, and possibly always has been.

I do like the male ego part too, how she explained that, by faking not knowing certain things, she could get Jake to talk to her via male ego. It's believable and hints at something more than a desire just to talk, which I think is your intent...if not, well done anyway.

I think this'll be my consitent penance...er...something. Yeah. So if I slack off, feel free to whack me 'bout the head until I review. It's going to be my therapy.

And, as a compliment - and a true one at that - I couldn't have chosen a better story for therapy-ing.

Happy writing,

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