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11/19/2007 c7 Miz Em
Whe! I really hope that Hannah can learn to love her friends again, it's obvious how much they love her in this chapter. I'm really enjoying this story, very well done! Keep up the great work, please! ^_^
11/19/2007 c7 maidengarnet
Oh, maybe Greg is scum. The plot thickens... personally, I want to see some more Hannah/Jake moments with crushiness! Probably what sparked the last influx^^ I can't wait to read more!
11/19/2007 c7 eras
I loved the reply you sent me. It made me feel so special cause I got it right on the money, or as close as I could get it.

You know I think this chapter opened a whole new mystery. The whole Greg thing kind of threw me off, and it makes me wonder what really happened that night of the accident.

I loved the scene when Hannah finally has it and just gives it to Libby. It may seem weird to them but I think they forget that she really is a different person. I'm not saying completely but memories make you who you are... you know and for her to not remember anything is pretty serious.

I just cannot wait for the next chapter to come. It's really interesting like I said on my last review. The whole friend thing for her is different and they make her try to be the person she was before by telling her what she likes and dislikes but at the same time she doesn't seem to want to remember. I feel like anyway.

take care and I cannot wait for what you have on the next chapter.

11/19/2007 c7 8summer-insomniac
You updated so quickly! *bows down in appreciation* I was like *SQUEE* when I got the email alert, and I have to say this was a really well written chapter :) You got Hannah back into the female dominant world and the fact she's opening up to her friends a bit is definitely good. And you going into her and Isaac and her and Jake's relationships more is awesomee :) I'm rushing out the door now, but I couldn't leave until I reviewed, so GOOD JOB! =D
11/18/2007 c6 R.F.Y
Wow! This is very original, and I like it. I've never read a story with a girl who has amnesia before, so it's really fresh and new for me. Keep it up!
11/18/2007 c6 tzncz
Bahahaha! This story is so fantastic! I love the way the plot is moving at the moment - it's totally hilarious! But it's also really sweet, in a weird sort of way. The romantic element is so different to the typical, it's very un-cliche. I'm totally hooked, I want to see how it ends up so badly! Keep writing! ~
11/17/2007 c6 tffny
is jake going to start liking hannah! i really hope so!

update soon! :)
11/17/2007 c6 adnama3121
Hey, I love the story, it's just that, personally, I think Jake is being incredibly cruel to Hannah. She lost her memory, the descent thing he can do is tell her what kind of relationship they really had and not make her fall for him. I have some theories in my head on how I think the story is going to go-I can't help it, my mind just runs everytime I start a story-anyways, I can't wait until Jake gets what's coming to him, 'cause I just know that's going to happen, lol

11/17/2007 c6 2Arej
...well...now I feel bad, heh, exactly as I should. I guess it's time to let the world in on my dark little secret: I actually read romances, yes, despite my absolute refusal to admit it and read them in actual book form.

Mostly because the actual book romances are...well...bleh. Boring? Something like that...but I, erm, indulge on FP, but due to my attempt to keep up my 'of course I don't read romance, I'm a hardcore scifi/fantasy/thriller fan' I haven't reviewed like I should.

Relevance? Thanks for kicking me in the rear with your A/N. For one, it's nothing to be ashamed of (except most people I know who read romance read smut, and that's really...-not- what I'm looking for), and for two, there's really good writing on FP that deserves to be rewarded with positive reviews, or at least constructive criticism. Time for me to remember that everyone here is as much aspiring author as I am.

So, a review, and I'll be doing my best to make up for the five chapters I read without a review. Smite me now.

Anyway...onwards and forwards, I guess.

I do really like your idea - to me, at least, it seems really original. Yeah, sure, the enemies-becoming-a-couple idea is very much not original, but your execution of it is (if, in fact, it leads there, which I hope it does).

Especially awesome is how you've shown Jake's inner struggle. He wants to go back to the way things were before - humans don't like sudden change - but he doesn't want to upset everyone else. Same with Hannah, and how she's reevaluated her friends: they're so much different than how she originally viewed them. Very reminiscent of how people should sometimes take a glance at themselves, and their friends, from other people's views - maybe it'll give more insight, and even reveal flaws previously ignored and denied.

Also, although I've never experienced dealing with and living with a person with amnesia, I think you've at least expressed the confusion well. Although I wonder if maybe she'd be more upset about not being able to remember...

...anyway...hopefully that starts my penance, heh.

Happy writing,

11/17/2007 c6 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
Fantastic chapter! I was THOROUGHLY amused by jake trying to discern whether or not she had a crush on him. Man, I'd love it if she didn't. That would be a kick to the shin ^^ lovely chapter, can't wait for more!
11/17/2007 c6 3Lady Nicky
I really like this story, it's very well written and I like the whole amnesia idea ^_^
11/17/2007 c6 Georgianna
Wow! I just discovered your story and I'm hooked already! I'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
11/17/2007 c6 Katy
Great! Update Soon!
11/17/2007 c6 chillychill
i love it. i like your style of writing. it's fresh and interesting. update soon
11/17/2007 c6 12The Mac Scribble
Everything so far has been insanely well-written, but I have just one technical question. I don't know the answer myself, but do amnesiacs really forget things like what a root canal or a sparkler is? Or do they just forget memories, things that happened to them... and.. such... It seems like if Hannah can still read and talk and walk and etc, she would probably know what a sparkler is.
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