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11/3/2007 c5 3G.Catherine
alright. so far I like this and I'll definitely keep it in mind. and somehow listening to 'slow me down' by emmy rossum did help as a soundtrack for the chapter. haha.good one really. I'm surprised you haven't gotten more reviews.
10/10/2007 c4 4Lady Katreina
10/8/2007 c4 xoxo-Hannah-xoxo
As always absolutely brilliant! I've been waiting for you to update for so long! Everytime i get a new email i always hope its the update! (sad i know, but its my life-we're on school break now-boring)

Jake frustrates me a little with how he can't just forget that he and Hannah were "enemies" but it really suits his character so keep it up! I love your work!

Hannah xx
10/8/2007 c4 5darkangelsonic
Well, it's nice to see you working again! :P I was sort being anxious in waiting for fiction stories to come up. This was one of them. I was so happy when I recieve the smail dictating that a new chapter was out. Well, I'll be waiting for the next ones to come and by the way... This fiction...Sort lacks some flare... Spark... You know? I mean, I've read some of your other work and... Well... This one lacks a sort of that spark that you give in your other fictions. Well, see you. I'll still keep on reading though if you don't mind...
10/7/2007 c4 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
Fantastic! I've always loved to indulge in the whole 'I've got an amnesia' thing. But this is by far the best story I've read about the girl having amnesia. It's very well written and detailed. And I love the characters. I cannot wait to read another update ^-^
10/6/2007 c4 tiff
i really love this story! it catches my attention so quickly! update soon!
10/6/2007 c4 OrangeSodaRocks
I love it! This story is a refreshing change from the norm. I love how much Hannah bothers Jake and, as horrible as it sounds, how much he dislikes her. It's so much more realistic than him just falling for her. Now Hannah...I love her behavior too; it seems naturally awkward...as in, she acts awkward because her amnesia makes her that way. And I love how you put in that Hannah's not crazy about her friends; I think that's pretty realistic too because her tastes are changing.

What I noticed: there's a part in the first chapter that mentions a darker reason for Jake quitting football. Hm...and Hannah knows or knew what it is. That's interesting, and I hope that comes out soon.

Great job, and I hope you update soon. I want to see how this story goes!
9/22/2007 c3 6Lainiee
To be honest, I'm thoroughly sick and tired of the thin love/hate relationships, so I'm glad the dynamic b/t Hannah and Jake's didn't feel too forced (though there were moments...) As in, I'm really glad Jake didn't suddenly realize he was in love with Hannah the second she got into the accident, and I'm also enjoying the fact that he's just weirded out by the personality change. Ah, you cannot believe how refreshing it is (strange, since it shouldn't be...). But anyway.

It's interesting to see how far the amnesia goes- I knew a guy who went into a coma for three days (brain trauma), and after coming out of that, had to relearn how to talk and do other basic things (though it only took a week). This might be interesting to you: after brain trauma, a lot of people's senses could get re-wired. The same guy I knew had once told me how things smelled differently, which was another thing he had to do (relearn smells).

Anyhow. I really hope this doesn't follow the path of clicheness, as cliche as it is to have amnesia, so good luck!
9/16/2007 c3 1SC Mac
This story is really interesting! I cannot wait to read more of it. It kind of seemed as if her friends don't know about Hannah's amnesia. Do they?
7/15/2007 c3 8summer-insomniac
Oh! I love it! :D Your first three chapters were amazing.

Stories like this always draw me in, but this one definitely has an interesting twist that makes it stand out from the others. And the characters are already well developed, except poor Hannah, who isn't really herself, haha.

I encourage you to update, and soon :D
7/14/2007 c1 horizons
this is a great story! update soon!
7/13/2007 c3 Evelynn Seyers
I like this story so far. Don't stop. It's an interesting concept. I like it.
7/13/2007 c3 1ind-fam
it is quite a nice story.

Keep writing...
7/13/2007 c3 5darkangelsonic
So far so good. keep them coming. :P I want to know what happens in jake's pov! So much suspence...
7/12/2007 c3 8JamieBell
Wow...poor Hannah! I guess it's true that when you're really good friends with people, you blind yourself (to a certain point) to their flaws. I sure hope that Hannah won't push her friends away, even if they're skanky, mean, and annoying. They obviously mean well, and are having to figure out what they can and can't say. It's hard for Hannah, but it can't be easy for them either. The new Jake/Hannah dynamic (minus all the sarcastic banter) will definitely be interesting to follow. Nice job! Looking forward to the next chapter!


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