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12/29/2009 c21 1YoursTruly4Ever
WOW. This story was amazing. Thank you so much for writing this story! Absolutely loved it.
12/14/2009 c8 6RinHattori

me again :]

Just writing in to say I really love this story. Trust me, im saying this for me. I as a writer update faster (on Fanfiction, not fictionpress) when I get a lot of support...so

good luck on the sequal ;]

Nothing new by the end of the holidays means your not updating? :(
12/12/2009 c7 RinHattori
“It’s that easy to shut you up?”

Jake grinned flirtatiously. “It’s even easier for some girls. They don’t have to say a word.”

“Jake, man…I don’t want to hear about your sexual exploits,” Isaac groaned, shutting the video off

^ is jake a Virgin?
12/12/2009 c14 Guest
Awwe! this is the cutest story I've read on this website, EVER

I loved this chapter, my favorite part being when Jake calls Hannah and their conversation.
11/19/2009 c21 7Liya Smith
That was amazing. The beginning was kinda slow, but I really, really, really, enjoyed the end.
11/10/2009 c21 harphot
i absolutely loved this story. i started reading it one night and couldn't stop. I loved the way that the characters acted around each other. There was so much tension and so many cute moments. The characters and the plot were well written.

Honestly one of the best stories i've read in quite a while.

keep up the good work :)
10/23/2009 c21 13Aaerie
aw omg i noe this is all fake but i think im in love with him too lolz
10/22/2009 c21 asurana
Aww, Jake's such a sweetie! An oblivious one, sure, but adorable nonetheless. Well, actually, correction: he was painfully insensitive in the beginning, borderline cruel.. but the character development was great. So good job, two thumbs up, and all that jazz. XD The fluff was so heartwarming towards the end, I couldn't keep a smile off my face. (I also really liked the "can we stop the bullshit and just get together already?" line, because MAN, there tends to be lots of that in romance novels, haha.) Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!
10/11/2009 c21 Elle Winters 9
I like. Isaac's still my favourite and I guess they're all okay =) except Libby.. wished you talked more about Isaac's girlfriend, more stalking ahhahah.
10/10/2009 c3 Elle Winters 9
God I hate your characters. It's not a bad thing, it means you've been able to add so many negative traits about each that in just the first 3 chapters its amazing. Great character descriptions. I feel so strongly against them. Well, I like Isaac, and Morgan seems okay. Can't say much about the others. Scratch that, I love Isaac. :)
10/2/2009 c21 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Amazing story. I loved all of it. Great job and good luck with your other stories.
9/13/2009 c21 13nerdify
Amazing! Just completely, and utterly AMAZING! Spent two days reading it, and it was two days of my life I'll never regret. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel! (As depicted in your profile) :)
8/24/2009 c21 starlight-angel88
Awesome story! Keep up the great work!
8/21/2009 c21 blubbfreak
I just finished reading the story and just wanted to say that I loved the alliterations forming the chapter titles :-)

I'm definitely planning to read some of your other stories (once I'm done writing my papers, that I've been procrastinating with help of Hannah and Jake :-))

Ok, enough rambling, thanks for sharing the story, I really loved it
8/14/2009 c21 1little-red-bag
Hannah's amnesia was a bit too "Samantha Who?" but besides that this was a very cute story and thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.
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