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8/14/2009 c21 CharlotteBradhadair
i loved it! this story is really good- the ending was brilliant and orignal - a well written story

8/6/2009 c21 13morphine and lollipops

Nopt much more to it.
8/3/2009 c1 3withflyingcolors
Love. This. Story.

So. Much! This is absolutely amazing and I was literally shaking during some parts. Thank you for giving us something new and exciting to read. No cliche. I had never read anything like it and I have added this to my favorites. Again, LOVE THIS STORY. Incredible. Thank you so much for writing this!

7/12/2009 c2 5annoyance
I just started this story, but I'm already loving it!

7/3/2009 c21 ghurl00
i lavv the story!

the ending was so cute and not so cliched:)

keep up:)

ur a great writer:)
6/27/2009 c21 Amaranthine113
This story was simply amazing. I loved the plot and its originality and twists of events were fresh and worth reading. I loved the way the characters were portrayed, as well as how they played their roles in the story.

Really, this was absolutely great. The romance and anticipation kept me hooked and wanting more.

I look forward to your planned sequel.
6/19/2009 c21 lets imagine that
i really gotta say I'm jealous of your chapter titles. the alliteration is really hilarious/cool. Hehe

what I also have to say is that I really enjoyed this story. and me, being the drama lover, loved the dramatic part. so good job :)


ps: if you wouldnt mind, maybe you could read my story and let me know what you think? =] thanks
6/17/2009 c6 2productioncity
I'm loving your story so far! I've got to admit, the title of this story caught me at first, and so did your pen-name, hahahah. I can't wait to find out what happens between Hannah and Jake! I know someone (well, someone in my school, anyways) who lost her memory after receiving a concussion at a lacrosse game. A story of an amnesiac teenager was what was so interesting for me, and I'll keep on reading now :)

Kudos to you for sticking through and finishing this story!
6/12/2009 c21 DLETE THIS OLD
i really enjoyed reading this...although it seemed to take them forever to actually get together, i guess it's logical :D

anyways, just a great job on the writing; i loved it that the grammar and spelling was practically perfect the entire story, it's refreshing lol :)
5/31/2009 c21 Lovedward48
You so deserve TONS and more of reviews! This story is absolutely awesome! The change in Jakes personality was so subtle and sweet but still constant! Hannah sure is a though girl! +gg+ I'm really impressed that you kept up a steady and amazingly planned out plot that worked out the characters with their traits perfectly! I really can't do anything but praise you right now! There was never a single point in the story that bored me! You left out the boring and unnecessary stuff (like the football game) and always had the plot moving! It's so addictive! I only needed to read the summary and I was hooked (which is rare) I swear you didn't disappoint me! You're a fantastic writer! Don't bother about the amount of reviews because you totally rock! Isaac is a neat little brother! I wish he was my lil bro! And it's true, friends can be bitches sometimes but you love them anyway. All characters were realistic and I'm so glad you didn't blow a single emotion out of proportion. Anger only lasts so long and if you really love someone you forgive them and work things out! Just like Han and Jake did! You also kept the division between the female and male thinking intact. Like how Jake didn't think to make the first move when Han and him didn't know where they stood and Han totally getting the wrong impression since it's only natural for a girl to think the guy's gotta call first. And now I'm simply gushing! There's still so much I could say but I guess this'll have to do! You did a good deed to the world (or at least me) by writing this and putting it online! Thanks so much!
5/25/2009 c21 Yellow.Jellow
That was really good! I really liked the way you named the chapters. Your character development is awesome too!
5/22/2009 c3 Yellow.Jellow
Great job making the situation real. You seem to know how to write it so that it's believable.
5/22/2009 c4 Emaryllis
This plotline is pretty fascinating because, despite my assumption that amnesia is a cliche, I have NEVER encountered such a story. I'm really excited to see what happens next :]

Another thing: I'm pretty sure that at least Hannah's close friends know about her amnesia? And yet in the previous chapter, when they came to see her, they seemed so confused by Hannah's lack of understanding? And I feel like her classmates probably don't know about the amnesia...and yet they take certain things so well, like the fact that she doesn't know where her classes are? The problem is that her friends will say things that clearly show that they know about the amnesia...but it's not consistent. If they really know, they shouldn't act so incredulous over the things Hannah doesn't remember. I mean, if Hannah can't remember her own mother, of COURSE she won't remember she hates Jake...
5/22/2009 c2 Emaryllis
I'm starting to like this story. The dialogue flows well and the characters are entertaining. My only complaint is that the characters seem to act a little young for their ages? It hasn't been stated directly yet but I'm assuming that Jake and Hannah are seniors - in the first chapter, I initially thought they were maybe freshmen? It might be because you started with a tater-tot war. It was cute, but the characters might seem a little more realistic if you used something different.

I do like the story though :]
5/20/2009 c21 1cypris88
Great ending! The angst wasn't too drawn out and mopey (that can really kill a great story) but the way Jake and Hannah resolved their feelings was still believable. I would have loved to read an epilogue where Jake told their moms they were dating!
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