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for Boys and Greek Mythology

7/9/2008 c3 all we know has fallen
i love it update very soon
7/8/2007 c3 13kstar129
That is so sweet!I love that!He quoted shakespear!Romeo and Juilet!I think that's my fav. by him. Anyway this is awesome and make more SOON!I think he likes her and if they go to the haunted house he'll be able to comfort her!
7/4/2007 c3 Sir Scott
Nice redo of this story. I'm from Ohio. I hope things go well for Medusa (Isabella). I think if I were her, I would change my name when I got eighteen.

7/4/2007 c3 angelicdust
that was good! just one suggestion, though. when you jump from one scene to the next..it would be clearer if there's a line separating the two. also, using bold to write the whole chapter isn't really appealling. freddie seems decent. but i think it's the big bad skunk who'll be our hero! i think i want to find out what happens next..so update!
7/4/2007 c2 angelicdust
room in the tower? hmm..maybe she'll have a nice view? i think i like the story..medusa, and the evil twins in all their glory. hey, that rhymes! just one question..why is the chapter in bold?
7/4/2007 c1 angelicdust
that was a good beginning..i like it! about the alphabetical thing.. and forest green is a really cool color!

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