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12/29/2012 c17 AnonymousReads
If you are going to remove it you should have said so. :(
7/3/2012 c2 Guest
You suck i dont like you
8/7/2010 c17 haruku
this story kinda scares me...o-o"

so many things happen, but the main character is barely affected. she just maintains this low level of weirdness and depression and shit. i really don't get it. she's not a whore, but she's not...normal...
3/28/2009 c15 6totallyred
Just asking... if Claire has been raped... doesn't that make her NOT a virgin anymore?

Anyway... luv IT! Update! 'Cause you are making me crazy!
9/9/2008 c17 140ZombieMcQueen
ha. I love this story.
9/7/2008 c17 4jammi
yeah, this chapter seemed to be floundering a bit, though I do find it interesting that now that her exchange student friend is going back she's decided to forgive Nola. Though it seems like Nola did miss their friendship.

And about her being the only one to sit with the boys, considering she's the one who forced herself into the group and got an ass-whooping in retaliation it's not saying much, lol. The other girls were all probably waiting for an invitation.

And how *do* you have four serious relationships inwith guys who are all friends? I mean, yeah they're hot but you'd think someone would try to avoid the sloppy seconds aspect of the situation. Then again, if it's a small school things like that do happy but it's very Degrassi-ish, lol.

And she is pretty nice to boys who were making her life living hell beginning of the story, though I think that's more her personality then her trying to stay their 'friend'.
8/20/2008 c16 25ariel25
I like the story but i have to say that it is really unrealistic that she got raped so horribly and barely mentions it anymore. It takes years to recover from that kind of thing.
7/3/2008 c16 15BWeep
I was so afraid that this was going to be a typical "girl who can't choose from hot guy friends" story. Glad your characters are all purty strong and un-bimboish.

She doesn't seem to affected by things that would affect others greatly~ Kinda weird, but I like that the story doesn't obsess over it.
6/5/2008 c16 Mignun
Wow...this is a messed up story. I AM LOVING' IT! Man, I just love your characters. Though I kind of get confused of who Claire is friends with. I'm thinking Noah, Andrew (who I am also loving!), and I think Steve?

I will tell you this, I hate Claire's family. Then again, they ARE the antagonists in this story. I just want to meet them and punch them.

Nice twist on the whole Nola her only friend backstabbing her. It's nice to see the main character associate with the guys. It's pretty funny.

Onto this chapter. I am not surpised that Claire's mom would pull something like that with her boyfriend/Claire's rapist. She seems like a coldhearted bitch, that needs to be smack multiple times.

Though, I think that Noah's funny. Besides Andrew, he is my second favorite character. He's someone I would like to see Claire be with. (But as the reader, I won't be able to know. Hopefully I am right though...)

Well, I can't think of anything else to write about, execpt to update. Seriously, that was a hardassed ending to this chapter. Just wow.

6/4/2008 c16 4jammi
First off, for Dear Imagination I meant the relationship between Lyn and her mother is realistic, my bad.

Secondly, this story is mortifying. Like, I'm reading it and I keep stopping because of the things she does/situations she ends up in. And what I find funny is that for this chapter I ended up imagining things that were a lot worse than what really happened. Like with the sex dice, the minute she bought them and brought them to show Andrew I just got the feeling she was going to do something mortifying, and I felt embarrassed for her before it even happened and then the dice were discovered and it was like, 'huh, it's not that bad, well that's good' then out of nowhere she goes all crazy on Noah and I don't understand half of her accusations and rationalizations only to learn her MOM is having SEX in HER BED with THE RAPIST!

Yes, certain parts do need to be capitalised with the use of exclamation marks because geez! lol, I don't know if you did it on purpose but you built it up so that I swore the worse that was going to happen would happen at the party when she had to get forgiveness from Allen while she hung out with guys who actually couldn't stand her, and then once the dice are discovered and Allen and her are 'cool' again, you made me think, okay, this is chill it'll probably just be some sexual tension with Noah and maybe a few funny parts, only for her to lose her damn mind for a bit there, LOL [which was funny but still, I really wasn't expecting it, which is a good thing] and then her mom is being a freak and having SEX IN HER BED! ARGH, that is so nasty, and this right here:

"“I’ve always wanted to do it on my kid’s bed.” She said, laughing.


Okay, it made me laugh, lol, but at the same time it made me uncomfortable and NOAH is there, in the closet! While her mom is having sex in her bed! I normally don't use exclamation marks but seriously, that is so random and out of nowhere. I kinda really loved it. And it makes me wonder whether I shouldn't feel worse for her because you know, that dude is a rapist it shouldn't even be vaguely amusing but it is.

Hmm, is the reason she snapped at Noah a result of the rape? Because, she's not a virgin anymore and that's what seemed to set her off but before when Andrew said he wouldn't have sex with her because he didn't want to mess up his car, she just took it in stride.

If so, then I think you handled it really well, like we already know that when unpleasant things happen to her she pushes it to the back of her mind and ignores it but rape is something major, and although she seems to be functioning as if everything is normal little things will set her off and she doesn't know why but she can't seem to help it. Poor Noah though.

“Wait, Claire, I mean, if you wanna mess around I’m fine with that.”

LMAO, I just love the fact that she's pissed off and instead of just blindly apologizing he latches on to the one thing that would benefit him AND in his mind, smooth things over. Hahah, like fooling around with her would be such a hardship.

I'm really enjoying this story even though for all rights and purposes I shouldn't like Claire because she's kind of pathetic. Her only 'friends' can't stand her for the most part. I like how you manage to show her personality and her desperateness but at the same time you don't wish someone would windmill kick her in the face. Like she wants someone to like her, just be there for her but if some dude told her he thought she was beautiful she'd fully pause and think about it, maybe call his bullshit even if she wanted to believe it, and depending on who it was she'd act according to her personality, someone who is desperately wanting to fit in, while on other stories on here the main character who has a lot of friends and is quirky and sassy and all that shit would burst into tears but they never cry usually so it's all deep and meaningful. No, it actually isn't.

Rambling a bit, but what I mean is I like the fact that she's real, a bit more flawed then the average teenage girl, or is worse at hiding it then the others but she's not that fairy tale nice girl who takes a beating sitting down. She wants friends but she still has a backbone when it's something that is important to her, and I like that. Especially the fact that [and this goes for all your characters] even when they do something I don't agree with it fits the personality that you set up from the beginning.

And the angel and jerk becoming lovers thing, yeah, that's people getting their fix for that fantasy about redeeming the bad boy. I like the fact that your bad boys are assholes through and through and when they do show thier soft side it doesn't make them look pussy whipped. A lot of guy characters lately seem to be chicks with penises and I'm tired of it. You get massive kudos for writing the strong, silent, asshole type and he's still hot and likable, lol. I've tried and that shit is difficult.

And Bloodlust got a massive rewrite, totally different story, it's almost done and I'm going to have to rewrite it again so it flows better and for continuity and whatnot but I might just put it up on fictionpress in the rough stages since it's part of a series and I get the feeling the MC might not be that likable since she's not a nice person. I know there will be a bunch of 'why doesn't she hook up with ... the storyline is okay but how come they haven't made out yet?' totally ignoring my attempts at character growth [not a lot in the first book, but still, lol] But hey, who needs characterization and plot and you know, good writing on here? LOL, I should shut up since my stories are cliched as hell but I know this so it's all good.

Got a bit off topic there, but yeah, I really am enjoying this story and I hope you update again soon. Oh, and gracias on the massive updating today, that was great.
6/4/2008 c16 Onia Black
OMG that was a really good chapter

=D update soon please

I missed this story
3/29/2008 c4 3KnittingKneedle
“What’s up with the Trojans, huh?” Andrew asked.

“Those are my mom’s.”

“She has a dick?” Noah asked quietly.

I want to cry with laughter...I can offer nothing in the way of review but this. Sorry.
3/29/2008 c3 KnittingKneedle

Don't really have anything coherent in the way of review for the first part, so sorry if I'm being really annoying-

but those guys...seriously, threatening a girl!

and god I wish I knew what books Nola read about guys' psychology
3/29/2008 c2 KnittingKneedle
This chapter was a good length, the other seemed a little long- though I know I can't talk I write the longest chapters in the world.

Some lovely natural dialogue occuring in this chapter- and I think you got the fickle nature of teenagers down to a T

'I felt a bit sluttish, how less than a week ago I wanted to make out with Andrew, and now I wanted Noah really bad'

I hate the 'twu luff 4eva' stories that you sometimes see so this has a really great angle and I thought the end of the chapter was spectacular...

I'm truly not sure where you are going with this, because it isn't a romance so the plot I'm not sure of...but the writing and the characterization is great!
3/29/2008 c1 KnittingKneedle
From the first paragraph I about died laughing...but to be honest I'd be glad to have feet that smelt like burnt cashews, I'm sitting on the sofa and me feet smells like cheese wrapped in wet linen...but I digress...

Your characters are great in this and I like the way that they interact, it seemed really natural- though you have a lot of talking heads, I'd suggest adding action to break up some of the longer streams of dialogue.

I like your narrator, she makes me laugh- though she could probably do with a bit of cheering up :) but I suppose the whole 'life sucks attitude' is what makes her unique- she seems real and I'm probably a real bad person for liking it when she fell on her arse
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