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11/11/2007 c15 1tinybones
11/10/2007 c15 people.are.strange
Whoa, I thought this story was never gonna be updated again. I'm glad it was, for some reason I think I liked this chapter the most. Alot of interesting stuff happened. The end of the chapter cracked me up.
11/10/2007 c15 4jammi
"My mind and face went blank and I shrugged haphazardly, waving my hand like an idiot out of excuses. Instead I opened my mouth, and closed it quickly."

I actually do that, lol, and I flail my hands around before going "I don't know, because" or something equally intelligent, lol.

I need to reread parts of this story, I forgot all about Randy and Allen (they're cousins right?) and Eric.

She really is desperate for a friend if she actually goes and asks the guys to come with her. And not just Noah and Andrew who are okay, but Kenny and Steven.

"The ride up we had to stop twice because Jill has mild claustrophobia. This pissed off the guys and me. "

That would piss me off, lol, I'm surprised they didn't threaten to make her walk.

"“Are you les?”


Jill eyed me."

LOL, I like how you make Jill eye her, lol. You changed tenses a few times in this chapter, like you went from 'we have' to 'she had' etc.

The only person she seems really bitchy too is Allen, lol, like when the others say something she bites her tongue, but when Allen says something she tells him to shut up or go to hell, lol.

Noah is a strange one, he's the nicest one to her, but at the same time he's distant.

“Why? Why, with the new little lady you are now, you’d probably need a guy to finally do jobs that guys do. I thought since it was cold, and you’re not dressed like a Goth mugger, you’d need a male companion, but if you’re determined to be a ballbuster, then I can forget that you don’t have a dick.”

LOL, he went on the defensive.

And his idea of good advice, geez, he doesn't even sugar coat it by saying a lot of guys like her, he's just like 'a lot of guys wanna fuck you'. And she's so desperate. She doesn't seem like it when you're reading from her POV until you really take into account some of her actions, but then she says things and it's like 'wow'. But she's contradictory at the same time, she'd date guys who picked on her but she won't restart her friendship with Nola.

Not that I think she should, I like the fact that even though she's lonely she'd rather be friends with Jill who's nothing like her then befriend Nola again.
11/10/2007 c15 Onia Black

i love you i love you

now make claire and noah get together. k?


update soon.
11/10/2007 c15 Sophia.Lobato
Your story is weird.

But I mean it in a good way.

I guess.
9/8/2007 c14 1Etherealglow
i thought she was kinda friends with noah and andrew

is she?
8/21/2007 c14 whisperwar
wow. so noah and andrew and sometimes steven arent here friends? because than clair spends a lotta time with them...but that line, hate doesnt go on hiatus. funny stuff.
8/17/2007 c14 3hail.the.bloocheese
wow, intense new chapters. this story is really gripping, great job :)
8/17/2007 c14 1tinybones
Weird. For a little while it seemed like they were her friends.
8/17/2007 c14 4jammi
Kenny is an asswipe. But what he said did make sense, you can't put hate on hiatus. But still, and she's brave to actually sit at their table, damn. It's kind of sad that she has to search for exchange students to be her friends. But it makes sense at the same time.

And she seems really detached from the rape. Like, the way she's viewing it, she put all the blame on herself then it seems as if she put it out of her mind. I thought she would be freaking out about what happens if she goes home one day and her mom isn't there but Greg is, or if her mom marries Greg he'd be living with her every day.

"“You think you can run so far!” Kenny bellowed somewhere behind me.

No, I didn’t.

I think the main reason I was able to run faster than the guys was because God heard my prayer to not get caught. There was no way I could run that far, that fast.

But I met my waterloo.

“Goddamn dog!” I cried; Mrs. Henderson, a kind old lady who lived on the edge of the inner-city, had a horrible dog that hated girls and small people. His name was ‘Sweetums’. Her daughter, the only reason we knew her, had given Mrs. Henderson Sweetums for Christmas a few years ago. At the moment Sweetums was ripping at my bare knees."

That part was amusing. Even though you knew what had happened to her, and the fact that they were chasing her to beat her down it was still kind of funny just because of her voice. And kudos for putting in that waterloo part. I'm such a nerdy ass, I was like 'I get what she meant there! It's NAPOLEON! And she's short also, hehe,'
8/17/2007 c14 people.are.strange
I'm surprised Kenny gave up that easy, doesn't seem like him.

I think the exchange girl will find out soon enough Claire doesn't have friends.
8/17/2007 c14 Onia Black

kenny is a bastard.


gah i love this story =]
8/17/2007 c13 Onia Black
oh wow.

god that's horrible

poor claire =/

i think she should tell noah.

def not steve

because he's a jerk

but yeah she should tell noah.

update soon.
8/17/2007 c13 people.are.strange
That last chapter was a tearjerker. ]=

I HATE Greg.
8/16/2007 c13 3bobissorad
Aw man, that's horrible. Poor Claire. I want her to just go back home without having to deal with Clete or her mother again and just hang out with Noah and the guys. I hope things get better for her.
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