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8/16/2007 c13 whisperwar
wow. that really sucks.
8/16/2007 c13 4jammi
That sucks so much her mother is a bitch, and I'm not saying that just because her boyfriend is a rapist but just the way she treats her duaghter, child wantst to sleep let her go to sleep. She doesn't want to spend time with Greg leave her ass alone. How hard is that to understand really?

I feel so bad for her, and that whole last part was so uncomfortable to read even though we knew it was coming from the summary.
8/15/2007 c12 1tinybones
I love your story. Please add more to it when you can.
8/15/2007 c12 people.are.strange
Nola disgust me. Seriously. Such a whore now, that its literally angering me right now. Heh I take this too seriously..
8/15/2007 c12 Onia Black
damn marie

does she like noah?

no no no no no



8/15/2007 c12 4jammi
Don't know if you know this but you can't accept anonymous reviews. Anyhoo, I really like your writing style, even when your main character does something dumb like, stalk the six guys who harrass her so she could punch one of them lol, she's still very likeable. Especially the way she doesn't become super smooth and suave when something embarrassing happens.
8/15/2007 c11 Midnight Muder Club Inc
honestly this is a great story I am loving it and can't wait for the ending
8/15/2007 c11 people.are.strange
Wow so the story is coming to an end soon.. I wonder who Claire ends up with.
8/14/2007 c11 3hail.the.bloocheese
aw! cute chapters! i like where this is going, lol.

keep up the great work!
8/14/2007 c11 3bobissorad
Oh man, go you! When I saw Dear Imagination was on hiatus, I thought that would mean no more amazing stories with updates every three minutes, but I guess I was wrong. First of all, I really love this story (almost as much as the DI), and second of all, I still get to have these superbly consistent updates. Wow, thanks! haha
8/14/2007 c10 Midnight Muder Club Inc
I love this story and am hoping for the next chapters if any!
8/13/2007 c5 2Penance for her sins
I really knew I just had to check out your writing, when you mentioned your love for creepiness. I’m happy to say I share such a similar taste with you, but reading the highly original summaries for your works had me in stitches. God, I don’t even know when I’ve been so ecstatic just about a summary. Why am I so thrilled reading about a girl who maybe dating a rapist? I guess because it’s so different. I mean the bit about not wanting to have sex because of his car upholstery, and the mannish female swim team had me grinning like the Cheshire cat- long after reading it. I have not finished reading the rest of this wonderfully quirky story, but just wanted to mention these things while fresh in my mind. I however definitely will finish what is up, as soon as Fiction press gets back to normal. It is acting all funny, wonky with refreshing, so I can only currently bookmark it not add it to my alerts. Something I really want to do. I also plan to read your other works, hope this does not sound sycophantic of me. I would just really like to say though that you have an admirable voice, and a great deal of talent as a writer. With reference to your writing, you do extremely well in normal problem areas such as punctuation, grammar, and just overall style. This had great believable dialogue, and a writing style that seems to be uniquely yours. For that reason, constructive criticism on my part is quite limited. I mean come on you’re the grammar and punctuation Nazi- a moniker which suits you superbly. I just wanted to say thanks for the great read, and so far, that it has been very refreshing. Your review was also on the up and up. I think you may have inspired me in becoming an editing whore from here on.

Subeyda(A new fan you have won over.)
8/13/2007 c10 3bobissorad
Great job, as always. Just the right mix of humor and seriousness. Post more soon!
8/12/2007 c10 people.are.strange
Nice story.

And with the porn thing.. shit I was flipping through the movie channels at night one day..not a very pleasent expierence.
8/11/2007 c10 Sophia.Lobato
So...I came across your story and liked the tittle. Once I started to read I kinda of disliked it, because the tough of guys bullying and hitting girls gave me the creeps.

Don't be offended, tough, because the way you write keep me going and when I realize it, I was hooked.

Your story doesn't seem to have a premise like boy-meets-girl or anything like that, but I'm really fond of it. Specially of Andrew and Noah.

But, sure thing, Claire has some serious issues.

And I'm really intrigued with Eric. What's his story?

I know I have to keep reading to figure it out.


What I've been trying to say is to keep it coming.

Strangely, I just want to read more and more.

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