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5/14/2001 c5 MdnightRadio
liked it. :-)
4/9/2001 c3 7Bria
Hmmm... got an extra charm? Perhaps one that will keep all the stoplights green between here and school? :p Oh, before I forget, thanks for the dedication. That was sweet. :) ~*~Bria
4/5/2001 c2 Bria
If only I could speak to my teachers like that. ;) ~*~Bria
4/5/2001 c1 Bria
ROTFLMAO. My world is turning upside down, and it's not even lunchtime. Poor Jazz. This is looking good Xander. :) ~*~Bria
4/5/2001 c3 Firedew
Sounds like it'll be a greast story! Keep Writing! :)

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