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for Kyuketsuki

7/11/2007 c1 70Bob Evans
I'm curious...what's with such the interest in vampires? It must be pretty important, because not only has everyone broken the cliche-rules when it comes to writing them, but the stories about 'em are in the thousands at this site.

So you decided to think outside the box, and create something...similiar, but different. And you've taken us to Japan. An interesting subject as of late.

Perhaps the greatest question of all, is whether this story will continue... I sense revisions.

Oh and hey! I know life has been on the fritz in Pierre. It's been awhile since you put any of your thoughts, edits, comments, or just plain complaints about TSG. Taking a break? Or calling it off?
7/10/2007 c1 18TT-da-lamanite
yo! havent seen anything out of you for a little while...so ow yah doin? okay now to the story...

Interesting...a little bit of a hard read in the begining but you get into it after a while...what ever you do just keep writting if you bottle all of you creative inpulses up, you'll get sick!



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