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for Lia and the Venus Flytrap

7/11/2007 c1 20BolognaGuy
I thought that the orange plants really provided a lot of personality to the story...

“What’s it called? Mercury…no, Venus Flytrap!” HA!

“Sweet!” Lia exclaimed. “Five points for Spanish!” LOL!

There's too many funny quotes to post here.. You'd be reading the whole story again!

Fantastic (just like everything you write, :-D)!
7/4/2007 c1 33subito video
Hehe. It's very silly as in nonsense silly, but it did get me to laugh.

“That’s a nice name, too, Dionase…Diona…Dion...um…can I call you Henry?” Love that line.

“but what I’d really, really like to do is learn how to play the saxophone.” Such a strange suggestions said so nonchalantly. I like it.

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