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for In A Suicidal Rage

5/9/2009 c1 1xLeiax
You write well and fluently...

I loved it. please write more.
3/21/2008 c1 1Reina Starr
Wow. This is really deep, Great Job. I can feel your emotions just by reading. Keep on writing :D

healing waters
3/17/2008 c1 Bella hehehe its angel953
im sorry...

"This is a battle, and this is your final last call." meaningful words to me right now. it clicked with this poe as I reread it. listen to the song, it's called "Battle" by Colbie Caillat
9/20/2007 c1 half-sketched.staccatos
konban wa

Now THIS is what I meant when I said a little but not too much of that style. This was brilliant. This was beautiful poetry (not that the other wasn't, mind you). I'm absolutely loving this poem! Out of all the wonderful poems I've read from you, I think this one should be the one you enter into the contest. Of course, I'm just speaking from what I've read so far. I can't read too many more tonight because I have too much to do, but I really loved your work. Please write more soon.


7/6/2007 c1 72angel953
omg i think that the in this is ME! plz tell me this is an old poem that u wrote and never posted...

omg u describe so well in this poem u made me cry bc of how true this was to our fight! cant wait to talk to you soon
7/6/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
Even though this is not a humourous poem, I found certain parts of this to be funny in a way, particularly the part about the cat scratches and the last line. Overall, I liked it. Good work.

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