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7/6/2007 c1 silently watching
my friend (she was 14) died this yr. her dad went crazy & killed her mom in the mornning while his 1 daughter slept, when she went 2 skool he said that her mother was sick & still in bed. when she came home he strrangled her 2 & a few hours later he stabbed himself in the main artery in the groin area repeatedly w/ a kitchen knife & bled 1 death. it was impossible 2 bear when i found out she died...murdered...by her DAD! i have 4given him...knowing personally what mental illness is like. she was ex-gf, we came outta the closet 2gether...so many mem'ries...*sigh*

every1 in skool 4got after a week or so but it will always haunt her friends & the grl she loved (me) she asked me out the week she died. (her dad had always been against it) i said ur dad will screw things up, & he did, not the way i had meant tho. sry 2 dump all that on u, this story was very affective. i cried in skool more times than i could count 4 her death b/c i had still been in luv w/ her; i still am. if u wanna kno more, a lot of my work on here is about her...

thanx 4 writing this.

from some1 who rly knows.

silently watching

p.s. i was 2 lazy 2 sign in

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