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5/15/2001 c1 CoolMistaria1
Please write a longer story in the same style as this one!
5/9/2001 c1 estelle
oh, that was GREAT! I'm serious, you have real talent here. you should be an author; I'm sure you could get something published. I really enjoyed reading this. Great plot and descriptions. keep up the great work! @-'-,-
4/20/2001 c1 LinkyBoy
loved it! ^.~
3/29/2001 c1 7Foxx
Ok this one is a first , and the kiss wasnt as good as you are capable of,

but i guess it will suffice , keep writing ;)
3/27/2001 c1 7Kathryn Angelle
Hm, very good, would be better in a much longer expanded version. Some sentences are confusing to read, but on the whole very very good. Write more!
3/27/2001 c1 12Doxa Mully
very original and good...i love your writing style...i'd give a suggestion, but i really can't find any flaws in such good work ^_^
3/27/2001 c1 Cassandra Elise
great story, I enjoyed it immensely. I have such a deep respect for people who can write mysteries. And Karvic and Tamira are so right for each other, although I do admit I saw them getting together all along! :)

Lexi of LBP
3/26/2001 c1 2Vickie211
Rainflower, this was wonderful! I was completely drawn into the story. Your writing never ceases to amaze me. I'm looking forward to more stories like this. Nice work!

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