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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

1/23/2017 c30 Overrated Fiction
Warning: gigantic review that nobody will read down below

Out of all of the books in the series, this is the one that pushed the Nocte Yin series from enjoyable read to "worth fanboying about" status. I do not deny that it has flaws but it was so fun and just badass to read that I'd have to read a fifth time to notice them. The most disappointing thing about this series is that it is not an actual anime that I can physically watch - the writing and pacing of this series honestly reminds me of my favourite anime, Hunter x Hunter.

Like Hunter x Hunter, it originally starts off kind of slow with the first two books mostly focused on Evil Academy and merely to introduce the world and characters, and (especially as it goes on) the books head off in random, interesting directions. To be honest, the second one felt like it was less original than the first, re-treading old ground numerous times, but due to a large jump in quality towards the end made the story feel like it had a bigger impact on the overall story and on Nocte's characterisation (more on that later), plus it also introduced some themes like her fear of death. The third book had been kind of similar to the first, introducing a new school and new cast of characters but felt like it had more substance due to finally giving Aman some screentime, developing a doomed romance, the aftermath of her family's betrayal and the clan finally making their decision. As well as other juicy stuff.

This book however was the best - while it was introducing loads of stuff like the other books, it also decided to resolve almost everything and tied it together in such an impressive way that it felt like had been planned from the first book to be come together like this (although that isn't true). For the first time, Nocte feels like a big player in the story rather than an unwitting pawn to plans everyone but her knew about. She isn't just occasionally kicking someone's ass during Combat lessons twice a book, she is constantly on don't-give-a-fuck mode and it's great.

When I first started reading the series, Nocte seemed so ordinary that she seemed like someone anyone reading could project themselves onto (which isn't a bad thing; it makes you emphasise with her). But now, she feels like a unique character: her snarky humour, the emotional conflict of her wanting to be a hero but occasionally falling prey to egging on, despair and people forcing her to be what they want - it makes her feel real, more real than most FictionPress characters. It is sad to watch her start as a friendly girl with morals who is slowly but surely being corrupted by the company she keeps despite her desperately trying to fight it - you want her to succeed but you don't really know if she will or not.

One of the things that reminds me of Hunter x Hunter is the fact that Nocte loses just as much, if not more, than she wins - even winning isn't a good thing all times (e.g breaking the jewel). Because of the emphasis on Nocte's weaknesses and her losses, you genuinely can't tell if Nocte will win this time or not, or what the consequence of winning will be. It really gives the series an unpredictable feel to it and makes you fear if any of the characters will come out alive.

The characters are all interesting, especially the Yin family and the students at Yin Academy. I like how the series presents all the people at Evil Academy as, well, evil but sometimes adds some qualities to these characters that make you forget that they were evil before reality slaps you back in the face. This goes opposite with the heroes, too, who all appear good and friendly but as time goes on most of them are given negative qualities that make you question their heroicness (Aman is one of the only people exempt from this).

Sure, I don't like all the characters but I don't like every character in any show. Personally, I find Noir somewhat annoying - I liked him at first, but as the series continued on his manipulative, bloodthirsty and ungrateful attitude hidden behind his jeering, jokester attitude became more prominent to where I wondered if he even had any likeable qualities (wanting to be friends with Paine doesn't count). I did like Paine though, due to his honourable nature behind his apathetic nature and hints at a warmer character. Ramiro was really obnoxious, to an absurd degree - she seemed too rude, spiteful and immature to run an entire school, and the fact she refused to let Nocte out of her chains even when Mei Feng confirmed she meant no harm and demanded her made me wonder how someone as bad as her could even be the principal of a school meant for heroes (that said, it was just a grudge against villains and one or two lines put her in a more positive light but still).

All in all, though, these first four books were amazing and I'm really sad to find out that there is only one book left, with very little chance of a continuation. Still, I love this series and if someone ever made an anime of it, I would watch it all the time.
9/26/2016 c21 EspirituDelMar
Okay, please hurry and publish this awesome series because I want to write millions of fanfics with Nocte/Farhad (and scr*w that bastard Delano), because holy cow he's awesome! My fav character for now!
Ps: I have an account under this name, i'm just too lazy to login :)
1/17/2015 c24 2bubublacz
Had to look for a chapter I haven't reviewed yet, this is for the last one, hehe..

I feel that I have to say this just to get it out of my system. I can't comprehend why she chose a friend over her father? But maybe it was just her father's time? It's so sad whenever I think of Umbra dying, of having your father dying, and you being hopeless and by the end of it knowing that you'd be hated everybody. If I put myself in her position all I could see is just endless depression, how could she live with the knowing that she could have done something to save her father? I'm so sorry, I always get carried away with good stories. I want to know what you plan for her :)
1/17/2015 c30 bubublacz
Oh that was sad... It's really so sad... I'm crying buckets right now.. I feel so bad for Nocte..
1/17/2015 c29 bubublacz
1/17/2015 c28 bubublacz
Lol Arbiter! PAINEE!
1/17/2015 c27 bubublacz
Umbra! I'm enjoying this :D PAINE FOR THE WIN!
1/17/2015 c26 bubublacz
I wonder how strong Paine is. He feels like an Umbra...
1/17/2015 c25 bubublacz
Dire is so adorable! And I was wondering when Paine would come out :D
1/17/2015 c23 bubublacz
NOIR! I like Morven :D Reliable.

Oh lord the flare!
1/17/2015 c22 bubublacz
Crush the Yangs!

Now I'm wondering why the dropper didn't melt...
1/17/2015 c21 bubublacz
Oh lol with the kiss! I'm glad she didn't kiss Delano.
1/17/2015 c20 bubublacz
Damn Ramiro and the bracelet!

FUCK DELANOOOOO! Man, your story just doesn't quit it with the betrayal and stuff... Should have known Delano was too good to be true!
1/17/2015 c17 bubublacz
1/17/2015 c16 bubublacz
Noir... why is she thinking of Noir? I like that name... I shall store it in my future names for babies :D I love Farhat :D Swinging his scythe playfully. I love the Yin family.. I miss them..
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