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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

4/15/2008 c22 4Morgan Davis
YES! the damn bracelet is finally off! i cannot wait for nocte to kick some butt again! YES! hurry and add more! you must hurry and more!
4/13/2008 c22 Arianna
Yes, yes, and yes!

This is totally amazing now that she is rid of that confounded bracelet and is going to go beat some Yang butt!

It is a shame about Occult, though...

But Nocte is free! free! free!

And you updated in very good time- I'm impressed.

Happy writing!
4/13/2008 c22 2Phantos
I'm looking forward to Nocte wrecking havoc on one Lord Yang... actually, two Yangs.

I didn't realise how much I missed some of the old characters until now! (Especially Siyamak, when do we see him again? I don't even remember why I like him.) Farhat is becoming a favorite, though.

It disturbs me that Occult has been promised to Lord Kheftey. I didn't think Yangs did that...

Do we get to see ass kicking soon?
4/12/2008 c22 D
Ooh! *evil laugh* Me thinks Nocte may be sttling into her villainous heritage :D


Very nice, I like the subtle change coming over Nocte, which I'd like to believe came even before the betreyal!
4/12/2008 c22 Michelle Habibi
I'm confident she will crush the Yang bastard. I can't wait! I thought it would take longer for them to be ready and for the bracelet to come off, but this is so much better! I love you for writing this :):):):)
4/12/2008 c22 2Once upon a smile
I take it all back! My holiday meant that to me I got an update for Nocte the day after!

YAY. She's finally free of that damn bracelet and I'm happy Pyralis is back, I really liked her when we first met her. Farhat made me laugh again with the I will? I will! etc bit. Woot I'm loving it all still your characters are very believable and real!
4/12/2008 c22 2pfeiffer

I am so freaking excited... and there not even close yet in delivering the princess to the throne... please update soon... I would really love to see Lord Yang crushed and Delano suffer... But I have got to say that the best weapon Nocte has on her side even if when her powers were bound is that she is never what other people expected her to be and that throws them offguard...
4/11/2008 c22 4Mistress DragonFlame
Yay, no more bound magic! Yay, Pyralis! Yay, Farhat being all whipped-like! Yay quick up-date!

4/11/2008 c22 4Undecided.And.Confused
Yay Old Nocre is back! She's a little meaner though...Old characters are back! And Farhat is the new man! YAYA! I love that last line! "I will crush him." ROAR!

Please update soon again!
4/11/2008 c21 2Once upon a smile
wo mega love for updating. Just had a LONG boring holiday in a caravan with my parents in Cornwall - no comp, no nothing! I was dying! This was lovely to come back too.. Hopefully there will be another update near my birthday lol (which is the 17th lol hint hint) but I don't mind very belated ones at your quality lol. I was meant to be unpacking my suitcase but I jumped on the computer instead XD
4/10/2008 c21 Satha

I... LOVE you!

You are awesome. Do you know why? 'Cause I finished reading all of the complete Nocte Yin's, and now all you've put up of this lovely story also... and it's GREAT.

I spent all of my spare time reading and reading... I hated having to be sent off to bed. It's taken me a few days to finish it all, but I'm glad I did. And now I want more! =p

I haven't felt so, so... enchanted by a story for a long time.

I like your writing style, it really is good. Easy to read, even.

And do you know what's even more awesome? I want to start writing again.

I've felt such a tremendous writers block for such a long time. There is this story that I had floating around in my head, but wouldn't come out... but I feel a little more inspired now. So, THANK YOU!

BTW: Big laughs to the five dollar bill.
4/5/2008 c21 Arianna
Yay! Happy new chapter. You did an excellent job in the "Limbo" section. It was really cool.

I'm glad she's alive- though dead.

I really wish she could be rid of that confounded bracelet. And have the old Nocte back- the full-memoried one.

Well, hope to see her soon in Lamise again... or wherever you send her next.
4/4/2008 c21 Michelle Habibi
i cant wait till she gets revenge and the Yang and everyone else see that she is alive...they'll go out of their minds, hehe
4/4/2008 c21 4Mistress DragonFlame
Aw~! There's no more! I'm sad; I've been waiting for more chapters eagerly.

Interesting beginning of the chapter, though there wasn't much meat to it.
4/4/2008 c21 4Morgan Davis



please hurry and add more! she needs to get pissed at Delano! she needs to kick butt! (oh and i absolutely love you! and Nocte!)

looking forward to more!
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