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3/14/2008 c20 2Phantos
*goes into a rage* DELANO! Someone kill him, he deserves it. Aman better cause some serious damage to the people who tried to kill her best friend. I know I'd go crazy.

Can we kill Lord Yang, please?

Good job for Farhat, trying to rescue her. Why does he care so much?

I love how Nocte is worrying for her brother as she dies... good girl, very selfless.

What did Morven throw overboard?

You'd better update soon! This cliffhanger cannot go on for three weeks! *threatening glare*

3/14/2008 c20 Arianna
That was the most impressive chapter of this story. By far the most suspenseful and the most terribly heart-wrenching.

I almost want to cry- everyone she knew and loved betrayed her! That makes me sad.

This isn't then end of this book yet apparently, but it could have made a good one.

I hope that you come back to us soon with something amazing to follow up this.
3/14/2008 c20 4Undecided.And.Confused
*sniff* Omg... *goes into a corner and cries.* How could he do that? Delano you effing jerk! How dare you! Precious Farhat! He's in love with Nocre isn't he! Well better him the Delano! That effing jerk! I can't stop crying! Poor Nocre! What was that thing they threw over board? OMG! did they kill Yong and Xiong? Poor Nocre, poor Aman! NO! T-T * goes back into the corner and cries again*

Good chapter, nice transfer of emotions, hating a lot of character right now! *coughdelanocough*
3/14/2008 c20 Cylara
YOU CAN'T END A CHAPTER LIKE THAT! I seriously hope that the next chapter will be posted soon...like maybe even a little ahead of schedule. ;) Anyway, this chapter was excellent, as always.
3/3/2008 c19 kivvy
oh, politics are nasty business. the story is starting to pick up again. i'm anticipating on how the rest of the story will unfold! thanks for the quick updates!

*petree dish should be spelled petri dish.
3/2/2008 c19 2pfeiffer
hm... what could Lord Yang be possibly telling Mei Feng?

though its good to know that Sterling seems to be the level headed one in this chapter... I wish Corliss will get over her own fears... and a bitch slap to Delano for running away from Nocte!

update soon...
3/2/2008 c19 Wolf-of-Five-Elements
Wow... i hope that they all make up... and i really hope that they'll get the bracelet off! Great story, update soon please!
3/1/2008 c19 4Morgan Davis
holy crap! i never thought that Mei Feng would leave Nocte to the wind! what the heck is going on? i am really curious to know what they are telling Mei Fend too!

i know that you have essays and such (i'm in college too) but please PLEASE make time for like thirty minutes a day or something and get up another chapter soon!

i send you my love! i send you my well wishes! keep it up!
3/1/2008 c19 19Kyllorac
Oh dear. I haven't reviewed in ages... Time to fix that, methinks. ^^b

Well, I'm still reading this and enjoying every chapter you've written. n.n The more I see of Farhat, the more I like him. When you first wrote about our favorite reaper, my bishounen senses started tingling like crazy. It's nice to know they're still accurate. ;P

I adore how Sterling's character is developing and changing, especially in this chapter. I was afraid she'd be a static cardboard cut-out and I'm ever so happy you've proven me wrong on that account.

The plot keeps thickening and I'm getting a definite sinister vibe from Lord Yang. This has me wondering where Delano and his siblings get their personality from. (I'm thinking their mother.)

The change in Mei Feng and Nocte's relationship is very interesting to watch. Also, it finally hit me that Mei Feng is considerably older than Nocte. Throughout the story so far, it has been like Nocte was the elder one (a parent almost) while Mei Feng was the younger (and the naive child). I think Nocte might be suffering from some separation anxiety (not that her concern is unfounded). :P

Also, they're headed to Lamise? I forsee much pain and problems for Nocte there. I wouldn't be surprised if the Yin clan is waiting to take Nocte into custody and/or kill her as soon as she arrives. A plan I'll bet that was contrived by Lord Yang and/or Ramiro. I rarely speculate about future events, but this story of yours just begs for it. X3 I'll not be disappointed if I'm wrong, though, as I'm sure you'll pleasantly surprise.
3/1/2008 c19 2Once upon a smile
Wow I loved all the updates. I have so much work to do now and Nocte always makes me feel better. It's my favourite story in the whole wide world.
2/29/2008 c19 Michelle Habibi
uh-oh. Aman's pessimism is beginning to rub off on me, Mei Feng might find out they're spying on her...And then there will be chaos. But what's wrong with Mei Feng? Lord Yang did insult her and all Nocte did was stick up for her. True it was a bit hostile but Lord Yang was no better. I hope Mei Feng comes to her senses soon before she's in too deep. and Delano is so UGH, he's so scared of his father! He needs to grow up! lol

2/29/2008 c19 4Mistress DragonFlame
I still dislike Sterling. But at least she doesn't go against logic-anymore.

But why wouldn't she ask Farhat? I mean, no one can detect him but she herself. And he'd probably do it, because he likes her and he likes knowing.
2/29/2008 c19 Arianna
Yes, you *are* amazing. And great. And you make me happy. Ooh, that reminds me of a song. Anyway...

Another wonderful chapter and I hope that fire underneath your muse continues to burn and pump out new chapters. I mean, who needs schoolwork, right?

Jk. Hope to see an update soon.
2/29/2008 c19 abandonnnnned
Is Sterling FINALLY coming around to Nocte? Lord Yang is such a bastard, and Delano is a gutless wonder. Psh. And Drisana! Ooh!
2/29/2008 c19 4Undecided.And.Confused
I bet they threatened to kill Nocre or something is she stays close to her. The quote is insightful though, I'm guessing better things are to come!
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