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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

12/21/2007 c14 4Mistress DragonFlame
Yay chapter 14! Always a good chapter, and this just furthers the superstition!

However, I'm kinda sad over the whole missing B-day and all. It's always an interesting date.
12/21/2007 c14 Arianna
Merry Christmas is right!

What with getting the chapter we have been waiting for so anxiously since you mentioned Delano's name! They are finally back together!

I'm rather fond of the grim reaper Farhat, btw. He can stay.

I am content beyond all imagination. I understand how busy life can be, and thanks for updating with all promptness. We know you try.

Happy writing!
12/21/2007 c14 8Amethyst Asheryn
OMG. What can i say? Loved this chapter, like all the other ones. And I love the end of this chapter! But...is Delano trustworthy? Forgive me, but I can't quite believe that yet. *sigh*

Farhat is cool, though. I like him. Can't say quite why, but I do. :D

Update soon! I'll forgive the long wait...This time...:D JK

12/21/2007 c14 4Undecided.And.Confused
AW! T-T this chapter made me so happy, I couldn't stop grinning! I think I felt as nervous as Notre, and that stupid reaper! Sterling is such a biach!Gosh, she needs to get over herself!
12/20/2007 c13 2pfeiffer

you have got to update soon!

i have spent the last 4 days reading your stories. 1 day each and i fell in love with it... it's simply amazing... hands down...

i cant wait for the next chapter!
11/29/2007 c13 Reduvis Ekkilo
11/19/2007 c13 Reduvis Ekkilo
11/19/2007 c13 fusionbeam
well worth the wait for an update
11/19/2007 c13 Amethyst Asheryn
there were so many points in this chapter where I felt like crying..And then there were the points in the chapter where I just stopped reading for a second and went "WHAT?"

You killed Noir! I guess it's not so much that I like him, it's just that he's been a part of Nocte's life since the first book, and ...I dunno...It's just kinda weird to think that, if he's really dead, he won't be said part of Nocte's life any more.

Update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/19/2007 c13 Seraphic Deviltry
I can't believe that you killed Noir. He was my favorite character. Please don't let him be dead. He was so perfect and evil and handsome ...

Bring him back!
11/18/2007 c13 Bek
I found this last night...

I almost cried when I did, cos I am totally in love your your characters and I couldnt read this cos I had an exam in the morning!

I didnt think you were updating a new story for ages!

But Im so happy I found it again!

I like the way your putting quotes up the top... It adds a little insight into each chapter...

I hate the way you ended this last chapter though... I hate suspensful endings! grr!

Keep up your wonderful work!
11/18/2007 c13 2Phantos
You killed Noir! I am surprisingly upset by that; he was a great character. Now, how the hell did he become a werewolf?

Are we there yet? Are we at Hero? Do we get to see Aman and Delano and all those other great characters again? (Also, I demand an appearance by Siyamak.)

Good chapter, most exciting filler I've ever read. Please post the next one sooner. I know university is time consuming, but... need more Nocte!

Quote for you: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Sir Winston Churchill
11/18/2007 c13 4Morgan Davis
OH. MY. GOSH! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH! you have no earthly idea how happy this has made me! SERIOUSLY! i think i might just die now that i reached the end of this chapter! i love you! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE NOCTE! i love the world and everything in it right now! it is such a beautiful place! you make life so wonderful! and i the pure bliss your writing gives me!

ok well... i think i'll stop with my obsessing over it now(although it is still continually flowing in my head!) and just tell you what i think of what is going on.

i am so happy that Aman is back! YAY! that means Delano is back somewhere! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! can't wait for that reunion! and what are the people at Hero (namely her friends) going to say about Mei Feng being there! oh gosh... oh gosh... OH GOSH! you have to hurry and add more! please don't make me wait a whole month for more! you might kill me!

ok well with that last urgent(begging) note keep it up!
11/18/2007 c13 2moon eclipse shadows
I was actually okay with the long wait, because it wasn't too much of a cliffhanger. But now... ;_; I really want to see Delano. It scared me when Mei Feng died.

Are we going to see Aman? I hope so.

Whenever I read this I get so exited about this story. ~^.^~
11/18/2007 c13 a big fan
Wow, at first I thought that you story was losing its magick, but I was wrong. In fact, this chapter has some of the most powerful imagery I have ever read. I applaud you- keep this up and you can publish it as a bestseller.
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